Geena Davis has a his­tory with hor­ror

SFX - - The Exorcist -

Do you no­tice more weird­ness in the world when work­ing on a project like this one?

No, not re­ally, no. I made an­other hor­ror film quite a while ago, The Fly. Well,

Beetle­juice was hu­mor­ous… But I don’t get spooked by stuff that I know we’re just fak­ing. Peo­ple say, “Oh, you’re do­ing these very heavy scenes. Do you bring it home with you?” I don’t re­ally get im­pacted in those kinds of ways. But I love scary stuff. I love be­ing a part of it.

Are you a hor­ror movie fan?

I love hor­ror movies. Oh, yeah, ab­so­lutely. The Exorcist curled my hair. Like most peo­ple, I saw it when I was a teenager and I was scarred for life. It’s re­ally the best hor­ror movie ever made. I think a lot of peo­ple agree.

Do you be­lieve in evil?

Oh, I don’t know. I be­lieve there is evil in the world, and we’ve cer­tainly seen in­stances of it his­tor­i­cally and cur­rently, but whether there’s a be­ing who is in charge of it and re­spon­si­ble for in­sert­ing it in peo­ple… I’m not so sure. Ev­ery­body is ca­pa­ble of an ex­treme range of be­hav­iours, and it’s [about] what you are ex­posed to and what your char­ac­ter can re­sist.

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