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1 What are the names of Lis­ter’s twin sons? 2 What “E” is the sub-ti­tle of Se­ries VI’s “Poly­morph II”? 3 Why is Jenna Rus­sell im­por­tant in the his­tory of Red Dwarf?

4 What’s the name of the de­vice cre­ated by Holly that trans­ports Red Dwarf to a par­al­lel uni­verse in “Par­al­lel Uni­verse”? 5 How does Camille, the plea­sure GELF, ap­pear to Cat? 6 What is Arnold Rim­mer’s mid­dle name? 7 Name the blue shut­tle­craft used by the Dwar­fers in Se­ries II. 8 Who con­nects Red Dwarf with Cold Feet?

9 Which ac­tress played Nirvanah Crane, Rim­mer’s love in­ter­est in “Holoship”? 10 Which Dwar­fer is put on trial in the Jus­tice Zone (above)? 11 Which Frasier star played Holly in one of the US Red

Dwarf pi­lots? 12 Who (or what) are re­vealed to have stolen Red Dwarf in Se­ries VII? 13 Name the princess res­cued by Ace Rim­mer in the open­ing se­quence of “Stoke Me A Clip­per”. 14 Which of these EastEn­ders ac­tors has not ap­peared in

Red Dwarf? Anita Dob­son, Jake Wood, Paul Bradley or Les­lie Gran­tham. 15 Name the com­pany who cre­ated Kry­ten. 16 What’s the name of the Felis

sapi­ens’ promised land? 17 On which ship do Lis­ter, Rim­mer and the Cat first meet Kry­ten (bot­tom left)? 18 Which co­me­dian was a warm-up act for Red Dwarf, as well as ap­pear­ing in sev­eral episodes – in­clud­ing play­ing Caligula in “Melt­down”? 19 What does Lis­ter use to kill the mut­ton vin­daloo beast in DNA? 20 Which com­pany owns Red Dwarf?

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