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How closely does Flash­point ad­here to the orig­i­nal comic-book ver­sion?

We’re not di­rectly re­plac­ing any­body in or­der to do the ex­act sto­ry­line from the an­i­mated or comics ver­sion, but they do a good job of nod­ding to pre­vi­ous

Flash­point sto­ries in this ver­sion. But it is com­pletely its own thing. Be­cause we’ve set up our own world on the show with Cisco and Caitlin and Joe. Those are our char­ac­ters, for the most part, so ev­ery­thing has to be changed in its own way.

How does the new time­line af­fect Barry?

Barry is the only one who knows the time­line’s dif­fer­ent af­ter he changes it. But his mem­o­ries are be­ing re­placed with new mem­o­ries. When Barry starts to re­alise that, that’s not okay with him. He has some re­grets. So he’s go­ing to try to put things back to the way they were. But that’s prob­a­bly gonna be im­pos­si­ble. And he’s go­ing to get some ad­vice from an­other speed­ster to let things be from now on. Like, “If you keep do­ing this, the world will im­plode.” So he’s got to stop.

How do you feel about Barry’s de­ci­sion to save his mother?

It was a self­ish de­ci­sion. But I don’t think he knew he was go­ing to make it till the mo­ment that he made it. When he’s sit­ting there with Iris and she says what he’s al­ways wanted to hear and he still feels empty inside, that’s the mo­ment [he thinks], “I have to at least try out this other life” – as fucked up as that is. And he just does it.

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