The Pres­tige

1995, Touch­stone

SFX - - Christopher Priest -

Thanks to Christo­pher Nolan’s film, Priest’s tale of feud­ing ma­gi­cians is eas­ily his best-known novel. “For a long time, The Pres­tige was just one of my nov­els,” he says to­day. “It was around for about 12 years be­fore the film was made. I al­ways se­cretly liked it, but the film ru­ined that par­tic­u­lar pri­vate plea­sure. It be­came a sort of pub­lic prop­erty.

“I can’t com­plain, I liked the film. I think it’s one of Christo­pher Nolan’s best, but he left out most of the good stuff. The way the plot works out in the novel still amazes me. It’s much more com­plex and sin­is­ter than Nolan’s char­ac­ters, who bor­ingly shoot each other and whis­per plot ex­pla­na­tions.”

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