This time it’s war as a new breed of Star Wars pre­quel gets gritty...

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We try and keep calm as we an­a­lyse the lat­est Star Wars trailer.

That Stormtrooper tank is much more Earth-like ar­tillery than we’re used to in Star Wars – no legs, doesn’t look like it’s lev­i­tat­ing...

This is Jedha, a Jedi holy land – yet an­other desert planet in Star Wars. Given the Em­pire’s feel­ings about the Jedi, ex­pect it to be a tar­get.

This trailer sug­gests that Diego Luna’s Cap­tain Cas­sian An­dor as­sem­bles the group of Rebel fight­ers, a fact that’s been hinted pre­vi­ously.

This is the new U-Wing, which ap­pears to be tak­ing off from Yavin IV. This could well be the Rebels’ main mode of trans­porta­tion.

This is the first time we’ve heard Alan Tudyk’s K-2SO talk. His as­sess­ment of chances of suc­cess at the end of the trailer is very C-3PO.

Ques­tion: why is the Death Star up­side down? Is it just a nice cam­era an­gle? (Af­ter all, there’s no up­side down in space.)

There’s a smile from Saw Ger­rera here. Does he see Jyn as a dis­ci­ple? It’s also been re­vealed that the suit is keep­ing him alive, Vader-style.

Is this Jyn go­ing to full-on con­front Darth Vader? IS IT? She looks like she means se­ri­ous busi­ness as she faces off against a TIE Fighter.

Some­one fires a missile at an AT-ACT – if pro­jec­tiles have so much ef­fect on them, why didn’t some­one use them in the Bat­tle of Hoth?

Obli­ga­tory Vader shot! We love how the wall graph­ics are so faith­ful to the orig­i­nal movie. And we’re very, very ex­cited.

“They de­stroyed our home!” We’re as­sum­ing that home is on Jedha, though whether the Death Star is in­volved re­mains to be seen...

This won­der­ful eclipse shot sug­gests Jedha could have been tar­geted by the Em­pire as the lo­ca­tion for a cer­tain weapons test...

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