se­ries iii

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The plot When Lis­ter and Rim­mer be­come marooned af­ter Star­bug crashes on an ice planet, Rim­mer tries to con­vince Lis­ter he must sac­ri­fice his beloved gui­tar to keep the fire go­ing.

Why it’s great This is the kind of episode you usu­ally dread in a sci-fi drama – the cheap one where two char­ac­ters are forced to bond but noth­ing bloody hap­pens. But when the two char­ac­ters are bril­liant com­edy cre­ations, the re­sult­ing head-to-heads are pure gold. Con­stantly, of­ten painfully, funny.

Best mo­ment Rim­mer and Lis­ter dis­cussing los­ing their vir­gin­ity: “You did it on a golf course and you weren’t a mem­ber? You didn’t pay any green fees or any­thing?”

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