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The plot When Kry­ten shuts him­self down so his cir­cuits can con­cen­trate on cre­at­ing an an­tivirus pro­gramme, the oth­ers try to com­mu­ni­cate with him us­ing a West­ern-themed com­puter game as an in­ter­face. Why it’s great This one won an in­ter­na­tional Emmy Award, and it’s not hard to see why. Mak­ing the most of its Star Trek holodeck-style gim­mick, it’s huge, silly fun from be­gin­ning to end, from Lis­ter’s rather un­savoury ad­dic­tion to a film noir VR game to Star­bug rid­ing off into the sun­set. Best mo­ment There’s a bonkers bar room brawl in which the Dwar­fers use their com­puter game char­ac­ters’ skills – Rim­mer can now throw a punch!

“Mak­ing the most of its star trek holodeck-style gim­mick, it’s huge, silly fun”

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