Cara Theobold plays Amy, who dis­cov­ers she’s a “see-er”

SFX - - Red Alert -

Tell us a bit about Amy.

She’s in her early twen­ties, and she’s been treated for men­tal ill­ness for most of her teenage years. I live with my best friend Suzanne, who looks after me, I work in a bowl­ing al­ley, and I’m sort of stuck in a rut. Then I come off my med­i­ca­tion and start to see these hal­lu­ci­na­tions again. I then meet Raquel, who’s this whirl­wind who comes into my life, and we strike up this un­likely re­la­tion­ship where she in­tro­duces me to the world of demons and de­mon hunt­ing.

It’s quite un­usual for a show like this to be fe­male-fo­cused...

It’s amaz­ing that it’s led by girls, but I think it’s more uni­ver­sal. There are things about fe­male friend­ships and the way girls in­ter­act, but it’s more about young peo­ple find­ing their way un­der ridicu­lous cir­cum­stances. One of the re­fresh­ing things about the project is that it doesn’t mat­ter whether they’re girls or boys – it’s just they hap­pen to be girls, which means we get to kick ass! But that’s not mak­ing a point, it’s just, “Well, why not?”

Are you a fan of this genre?

Not per­son­ally, but I think it’s a bril­liant genre to ex­plore, be­cause it’s sort of lim­it­less. Where Howard can take the se­ries is sort of end­less, be­cause any­thing can hap­pen. And while the genre is ob­vi­ously demons and the un­der­world, it’s also a very dark com­edy. It’s also very much about this group of friends and the dy­nam­ics be­tween them, and them strug­gling to fig­ure out how to sur­vive in a world where demons are real and you’ve got to fight them.

And how do you fight them?

There are dif­fer­ent meth­ods… one of the best ways to kill a de­mon is to stick a pole up its arse! And set him on fire. Our first day was film­ing an ex­or­cism in a derelict fac­tory, with Riann Steele [Suzanne] sort of strapped to the floor. There was a mo­ment at 2am, with me and Susie with these scary clown masks on… When they were set­ting up the next shot we were en­ter­tain­ing our­selves by danc­ing at each other with these masks on! We kinda lost our minds!

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