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Favourite SF/fan­tasy film

It would have to be Blade Run­ner. It was revo­lu­tion­ary when it came out. Vis­ually it was ab­so­lutely stun­ning and like noth­ing else any­body had ever seen. It was like tak­ing film noir into sci-fi, and rut­ger Hauer is ab­so­lutely bloody fan­tas­tic in it.

Favourite SF/fan­tasy TV

Star Trek – it was ground­break­ing. Gene rod­den­berry was so far ahead of his time with things like the com­mu­ni­ca­tor that flipped up – it was 30 years be­fore we got mo­bile phones that open the same way. Even slid­ing doors didn’t ex­ist at the time he was writ­ing it, so it was all just ex­traor­di­nary stuff.

Favourite SF/fan­tasy books

Any­thing by Neil Gaiman; there have been some fan­tas­tic ones. Anansi Boys is amaz­ing. Smoke And Mir­rors I think is an ab­so­lutely sem­i­nal work in learn­ing how to write fan­tasy. Nev­er­where I think is beau­ti­ful. the idea that there is an en­tire so­ci­ety liv­ing un­der­ground in lon­don. Once you’ve read that, you never think of lon­don in the same way again.

Favourite SF/fan­tasy game

When my son was younger I used to take him to the ar­cade and we used to love climb­ing into the Star Wars Racer ma­chine. It had these vi­brat­ing seats and we used to sit next to each other and race against each other. Ab­so­lutely loved that. We used to play for hours.

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