Rais­ing the stakes

The fi­nal sea­son of The Vam­pire Di­aries is here at last…

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“This is the be­gin­ning of the end,” says Da­mon Sal­va­tore (Ian Somer­halder) to brother Ste­fan (Paul Wes­ley) in the sea­son eight pre­miere of The Vam­pire Di­aries. He means it, too – not only does this fi­nal sea­son bring an end to TV’s lone sur­viv­ing vam­pire saga, it also marks the end of an era of un­dead screen ro­mance. Twi­light is no more, Be­ing Hu­man fin­ished years ago, and True Blood ended in 2014.

But what kind of res­o­lu­tion would Somer­halder and Wes­ley like to see for the Sal­va­tore brothers after al­most a decade of love, death, hot sex and cold­blooded killing? “Happy end­ings don’t hap­pen in Mys­tic Falls,” ad­mits Somer­halder. “But the happy end­ing that I could see is this girl [Elena] gets to live her life never even know­ing these two brothers ex­ist. Talk about the most epic case of rob­bing the cra­dle. You have these guys who are like 160, 170 years old, dat­ing an 18-year-old… Hon­estly, if this town could be rid of vam­pires, and for­get that they ever even ex­isted, I think it would be such an amaz­ing mo­ment for hu­mans, just to be able to go back and live their lives. These su­per­nat­u­ral be­ings serve the pur­pose of this story, but at the end of the day it’s about hu­man­ity. That’s what ev­ery story is about.”

Though it re­mains to be seen what the show’s pro­duc­ers have in store for their char­ac­ters, Somer­halder and Wes­ley agree on the ap­pro­pri­ate end­ing for their char­ac­ters, whether or not their for­mer co-star Nina Do­brev (Elena) re­turns one last time be­fore the great big fade to black… “Paul and I think,” says Somer­halder, “that the Sal­va­tore brothers should go to some beau­ti­ful is­land in the Caribbean, and in their Speedos sit on the beach all night, look­ing up at the Moon, bond­ing as brothers, drink­ing 60-year-old Bar­ba­dos rum. And when the sun comes up they should have their fi­nal toast, give each other a hug, and then throw their rings into the sea and just… pfft. That’s a happy end­ing.”

Fans, how­ever, are still busy tweet­ing their wishes for a #Stero­lineJuneWed­ding for Ste­fan and Caro­line (Candice King). “So maybe we just need to have a June wed­ding!” teases Wes­ley. Fangs for the mem­o­ries, Vam­pire Di­aries…

The Vam­pire Di­aries re­turns to US screens on 21 Oc­to­ber, and will air on ITV2 in the UK.

Pon­der­ing the end of an era.

“I’m sorry, now’s re­ally not a good time to dis­cuss PPI.”

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