DO­MINIC Monaghan

Merry in The Lord Of The Rings

SFX - - Red Alert -

Monaghan has played not one, but two SFX-wor­thy roles: Char­lie Pace in Lost and Me­ri­adoc Brandy­buck in The

Lord Of The Rings tril­ogy. we asked him to choose which to talk about when we met him at hor­ror Chan­nel FrightFest, where he was pre­mier­ing new hor­ror Pet – due out in the UK next Fe­bru­ary. he picked Merry be­cause, “as a rock star, Char­lie was prob­a­bly al­ways an­swer­ing Q&As…”

Would you play Merry again?

Yeah, I would. Merry had a lot of qual­i­ties that I ad­mired – he looks after his friends, he’s sen­si­tive, he loves the en­vi­ron­ment.

Did you take any­thing from the set?

I got my sword from Ro­han. It’s heavy and beau­ti­ful. If I was get­ting bur­gled and I had my sword I’d prob­a­bly be al­right.

Which as­pect of Merry’s char­ac­ter do you wish you had?

He’s a great friend. He’s will­ing to die for his friends, and in hap­pier times he was al­ways quick to laugh. If you had the choice to do any­thing to­day, why not make peo­ple laugh and smile?

Is there any­thing from the films that you wish was real?

The re­spect for na­ture that they have in that tril­ogy is in­cred­i­ble.

What would it say on his grave­stone?

“A friend, a fighter, and some­one who en­joyed the finer things in life. He was sur­rounded by peo­ple that he loved.”



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