Four places you wouldn’t want to grow up…

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GRAYSTARK HALL Doc­tor Who’s “Day Of The Moon” vis­ited this Amer­i­can or­phan­age, which had mes­sages like “GET OUT NOW” scrawled on the walls, and Si­lents roost­ing like bats. Oc­cu­pants: one, a lit­tle girl in a space­suit…

ST LOUISE’S OR­PHAN­AGE Dark­seid min­ion Granny Good­ness is not aptly named, given her use of brain­wash­ing and tor­ture. In Smal­lville’s “Aban­doned” she uses her po­si­tion as an or­phan­age ad­min­is­tra­tor to wipe girls’ minds so that they can be trained as war­riors.

COOKIEVILLE Fu­tu­rama’s Leela grew up in this “min­i­mum­se­cu­rity or­pha­narium”, with a war­den who con­tin­u­ally told her, “You’re worth­less and no one will ever love you!” There were no books cos the kids were so hun­gry they ate them!

THE SANTA LU­CIA SCHOOL The or­phan­age in Guillermo del Toro’s Span­ish Civil War chiller The Devil’s Back­bone prob­a­bly wouldn’t be so bad but for two de­tails: at­tacks from Franco’s forces, and a ghost boy with blood seep­ing, smoke-like, from a crack in his head… Yikes!

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