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The twad­dle of the Sphinx

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re­leased 24 oc­to­ber (blu-ray/dvd)/ out NOW! (down­load) 2016 | 12 | blu-ray/blu-ray 3d/ dvd/down­load Di­rec­tor alex Proyas Cast Niko­laj coster-Wal­dau, bren­ton th­waites, Élodie Yung, Ger­ard but­ler

If the script for Gods Of Egypt fell back through time and into the hands of Ray Har­ry­hausen circa 1974, he may have made a kitsch clas­sic out of it. Stripped of its gaudy videogame aes­thetic, and shot on lo­ca­tion in­stead with the oc­ca­sional stop-mo­tion mon­ster, it could have been a great, cheesy fol­low-up to The Golden Voy­age Of Sin­bad. But this isn’t 1974. Block­busters have moved on.

Niko­laj Coster-Wal­dau plays Horus, de­posed by evil brother Set (Ger­ard But­ler), who nicks his eyes. This sends Horus into a sulk un­til a plucky hu­man, Bek (Bren­ton Th­waites), helps Horus re­gain his eyes, dig­nity and throne by be­ing an­noy­ingly cheerful.

Tech­ni­cally there’s vir­tu­os­ity here, but it’s a lot of ef­fort dumped into a cre­ative vac­uum. With its pain­fully ar­ti­fi­cial vir­tual sets, arch per­for­mances, pompous di­a­logue and ADHD pac­ing, Gods Of Egypt lacks a uni­fy­ing vi­sion. Un­less that uni­fy­ing vi­sion is “let’s make a crap film”.

Ex­tras Six 10-minute(ish) fea­turettes on the stunts, ef­fects, cast, hair, cos­tumes and make-up, pro­duc­tion de­sign and shoot­ing in Aus­tralia (the DVD just has two). The Blu-ray also has an­i­mated sto­ry­boards for two scenes that didn’t make the cut. Dave Golder

Niko­laj Coster-Wal­dau wore a see-through eye­patch for fight scenes so he didn’t suf­fer from a lack of depth per­cep­tion.

It was the best that Spec­savers could man­age at short no­tice.

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