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re­leased OUT NOW! 2016 | 12 | dVd/down­load/ VOd

In this dystopia, peo­ple’s abil­ity to feel emo­tion is “switched off” be­fore they’re born. Ni­cholas Hoult and Kris­ten Ste­wart slowly re­alise they’re suf­fer­ers of “switched on syn­dome” – where emo­tions start to re­assert them­selves – and, yep, fall in love.

The film’s style matches its sub­ject mat­ter: slow pace; re­served, re­strained feel. This works well, but means you never quite feel con­nected with the char­ac­ters, mak­ing this a dif­fi­cult film to like.

Ex­tras Commentary; three fea­turettes. Rhian Drinkwa­ter

It got amorous at the Tory con­fer­ence.

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