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Earn­ing a cov­eted place in the Mil­len­nium Fal­con’s drain­ing rack (it prob­a­bly has one) is this “Laugh it up fuzzball” mug (RRP £6.99). Adorned with a por­trait of Chew­bacca – look­ing a lit­tle like a dis­grun­tled Bee Gee after an over­dose of Re­gaine – it’s a daily re­minder of one of the zingi­est re­torts in movies. Ad­mire the retro ’70s styling as you munch a cookie with your Wook­iee.

There are few ac­cept­able places for glit­ter. The cheeks of Marc Bolan circa 1972, for ex­am­ple, or uni­corn­themed col­lages made by five-year-olds. In gen­eral, how­ever, it’s a per­ni­cious me­nace, thanks to its un­canny abil­ity to dis­trib­ute it­self to ev­ery bod­ily crevice – if you’re one of those fiends who sprin­kles it in­side Christ­mas card en­velopes we hope you burn very slowly in a spe­cial glit­tery hell. How­ever, we ac­cept its use on these DC coin purses (FPI price £5.99 each; prod­uct codes F3934, F3935): we’ve given both a good firm rub and it doesn’t seem likely to flake off in your pocket. Phew. Run out of util­ity belt com­part­ments in which to store your lip­pie, nail file and tis­sues? Then you’ll want this Bat­man cross-body bag (FPI price £24.99; prod­uct code F3943). Made of polyurethane, it has a big gold Bat-logo on the front, and a smaller one on the der­riere. How ter­ri­bly bling. The gold chain strap clips on at both sides, mean­ing you can al­ways de­tach it should you sud­denly feel the urge to do some Mr T cos­play, or wish to whirl it in the face of an as­sailant, ninja-style. KA-THWACK!

Shame the stars of the movies aren’t as mal­leable as these Mar­vel Mr Potato Head PopTaters (FPI price £17.99

each; prod­uct codes F2368, F3183, F3184) – we’d be mor­bidly fas­ci­nated to see Scar­lett Jo­hans­son de­tach her hair­piece, or Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch pull off his fa­cial fea­tures, leav­ing only a chill­ing blank with a gap­ing cen­tral hole. Un­til such sur­re­al­ist night­mares be­come a re­al­ity we’ll have to make do with these spud sim­u­lacras of Black Widow, Black Pan­ther and Dr Strange. Hawk­eye and Fal­con are also avail­able, should any­one care. No, thought not.

It’d be use­less as the head­piece of a crime­fight­ing su­per-suit, but in the world of bis­cuit stor­age this beau­ti­fully painted and sculpted

Iron Man cookie jar (FPI price £23.99; prod­uct code F2035) is roy­alty. Our one quib­ble? Surely some­one could have thought up a way to make the face­plate open, rather than hav­ing snack ac­cess via a re­mov­able lid on the back of his head. Get work­ing on it, Stark!

Which is the cooler shaker? You can have your very own civil war over condi­ments with these Avengers Pop! Home

salt and pep­per shak­ers (FPI price £14.99; prod­uct code F3068). Cap’s nom­i­nally re­spon­si­ble for the salt, which seems to con­tra­dict his healthy, clean-cut im­age – we reckon Tony Stark’s much more likely to sprin­kle it on, even after his his­tory of heart prob­lems. Then again, per­haps some­one at Funko just fig­ured he’s al­ways loved Pep­per…? Red and black­suited Spideys (prod­uct code F3069) have been given sim­i­lar cruet-y treat­ment.

This Su­per­man jig­saw (RRP £12.99) chal­lenges you to the tricky mis­sion of as­sem­bling the cover of Ac­tion

Comics is­sue 419. When com­pleted it mea­sures 50cm by 30cm. At 500 pieces it should keep you busy for some time. Our hot tip: do all the edges first. In­side the box you’ll find a glossy A2 poster of the same Neal Adams art. Man­u­fac­turer Half Moon Bay has also brought out a 500-piece Bat­man jig­saw, fea­tur­ing the cover of De­tec­tive

Comics #566.

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