Where ev­ery night is karaoke night

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UK Broad­cast Syfy, fin­ished US Broad­cast Syfy, fin­ished Episodes Re­viewed 2.01-2.10

The Royale, Old Town West­erly. Bar owner Pree, John Bar­row­man’s brother from an­other mother, is MCing at a karaoke night. Killjoys Dutch, D’avin and Johnny are in the crowd. Ev­ery­one else in the bar is a Six. What’s a Six? De­pend­ing on when in the sea­son we are: a) dunno; b) some sort of green­plasma-blood­ied su­per­sol­dier; c) ev­ery­one in the en­tire show ex­cept Pree, the Killjoys and as­sorted can­non fod­der.

PREE In the spirit of “If you can’t beat them join them”, we’ve de­cided to stop try­ing to bat­tle against the pop songs on the show’s sound­track and just sing the bloody scripts in­stead.

D’AVIN Dutch, you should do “Papa Don’t Preach” cos your dad, Kh­lyen, is or­ches­trat­ing the whole arc plot this sea­son.

DUTCH But I wanted to do “I Will Sur­vive”.

JOHNNY Hey, D’avin. Re­mem­ber that scene when you shagged Sabine and she was a se­cret Six and the plasma in your body made her bleed green goo?

D’AVIN Yep, I’ve had bet­ter dates.

JOHNNY Maybe you could do Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name”.

PREE I had “It’s Not Easy Be­ing Green” cued up for that one.

D’AVIN Johnny, you should do “Au­to­matic Lover” be­cause of the way you get all fast-pulsey ev­ery time the AI on our ship speaks.

JOHNNY Hey! I’m dat­ing Doc­tor Pawter. I was gonna sing “Dr Beat”.

PREE Don’t for­get the Com­pany has set up this wall around Old Town that makes us all docile drones.

ALL KILLJOYS IN UNI­SON All in all it’s just “An­other Brick In The Wall”.

DUTCH What about when Jelco kid­napped Pawter to make her op­er­ate on his dicky ticker and she planted a bomb in his chest in­stead?

JOHNNY Right! “Don’t Go Break­ing My Heart”! Sweet!

D’AVIN We’ve gotta do Nir­vana’s “HeartShaped Box”.


D’AVIN Cos there was an episode called that this sea­son. It’s the one where I stripped to my pants and sat in a fish tank with Sabine.

PREE “Strangelove”?

JOHNNY Ah! We have to “Live For­ever”! Cos that’s what the Sixes can do, un­less we thrust a big pointy stick in their brains.

DUTCH “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”?

D’AVIN That’s just sick…

DUTCH Let’s face it, the best bits of this show are the sick­est. Dave Golder

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