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Beyond be­ing a renowned ma­g­i­zo­ol­o­gist, just who is Newt Sca­man­der?

He’s a nutty char­ac­ter, and slightly spiky. He gets on with his crea­tures bet­ter than hu­man be­ings. There’s a slight sense that he’s a bit dam­aged in his re­la­tion­ship with hu­man be­ings. But through this film he be­gins to start mak­ing con­nec­tions. He’s a weird anom­aly of things; like be­ing quite phys­i­cally awk­ward while also be­ing in­cred­i­bly agile and ca­pa­ble. I love him.

Did JK Rowl­ing dis­cuss the role with you be­fore­hand?

I was lucky enough to meet her just be­fore we started film­ing. At that point I was so in awe of her. I wanted to be all, “Lovely to meet you!” but we only had an hour so I just went, “So, Newt?” You can ask her any­thing. Any de­tail from the small­est nu­ance. She is so in love with her char­ac­ters. By that point I’d done so much work on who [Newt] was, and it was two peo­ple just talk­ing at each other. It was so help­ful.

Was there any­thing about Newt that you specif­i­cally wanted to nail?

Yeah, when [JK Rowl­ing] de­scribes Newt walk­ing through the streets of New York, she de­scribes him as walk­ing to his own rhythm. There’s a Buster Keaton vibe quality, she wrote. So I ac­tu­ally de­cided to work with this guy called Alex Reynolds who’s a dancer by trade. Newt has a unique phys­i­cal­ity that was very spe­cific to him.

Did hav­ing your very own wand live up to the hype?

It was so weird. Be­cause when you get to pick up a wand, your in­ner nine‑year‑old is hav­ing the best mo­ment of his life. “Oh my god. I get to use one of these!” And then you pick one up and go, “Oh. Why does this feel so weird? What do I do with it?” I got com­plete stage fright!

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