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We don’t know that much about Por­pentina. Who is she?

Tina works at MACUSA, where she has re­cently been de­moted at work. She was an Auror but she broke the rules and got de­moted to a sort of lowly desk job in the base­ment. So at the be­gin­ning of the film she’s feel­ing pretty in­se­cure and frus­trated. But she also has this sus­pi­cion that she has some­thing re­ally great to of­fer. She wears a sort of mask of con­fi­dence to cover up her in­se­cu­rity which some­times makes her a lit­tle bit brash and bossy.

How did you find play­ing her?

It was a process of re­con­nect­ing with that child‑like part of my­self. I mean, we have to do that as ac­tors all the time ob­vi­ously; to use our imag­i­na­tions. But I was struck by how far away from play­ful­ness I had got­ten. It took prac­tice to be able to have free­dom with my wand and stuff like that. It took work. And when I started to feel that con­nec­tion, I thought, “I don’t want to let this go when this job ends.” It’s in­sane how much we dis­con­nect from that as we grow up.

Do you have a favourite mo­ment from shoot­ing?

Well, one of the things you have to do some­times, for eye‑line, is to look at a stick with an X on it and imag­ine it was a crea­ture. It was a chal­lenge to en­gage with. Ed­die and I were sit­ting be­tween set‑ups and I said, “Man, some­times I just look at these Xs and it’s tricky try­ing to find some­thing to con­nect to. I look at them and I don’t feel any­thing.” And Ed­die went, “Yeah, yeah. Do you stay in touch with a lot of your exes?” And I was like, “Ed­die, the X on the stick!” He thought I was get­ting re­ally deep!

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