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...Lau­ren Co­han’s not al­lowed to say

How are you find­ing keep­ing the Ne­gan cliffhanger a se­cret? I’ve never known peo­ple be so in­ven­tive! In a su­per­mar­ket, in an air­port, any­where you go peo­ple are try­ing to glean some clue about what may have tran­spired. It’s ob­vi­ously a trib­ute that peo­ple are this mad some­times about not know­ing!

It must be a very in­tense show to film. Is it hard to switch off from it? It’s one of those weird things where you al­most en­joy the melan­choly be­cause you just feel more in touch. I think it does ben­e­fit us to be around each other – def­i­nitely a lot of us have felt that after [the sea­son six fi­nale] we are closer. It’s just one of those un­spo­ken things – there’s such an un­der­stand­ing of the emo­tions we’ve been through to­gether in the same space. It’s re­ally valu­able to me.

You’ve been on the show since sea­son two. What’s it been like see­ing it grow into the mon­ster hit it is now? We’re re­ally lucky on this show to be sur­rounded by such grounded peo­ple. I think that type of suc­cess could af­fect the show ad­versely and it doesn’t in our case. Andy Lin­coln is just our leader and his at­ti­tude, his ded­i­ca­tion is ab­so­lutely in­fec­tious for all of us, and I think that is for me an enor­mous part of the suc­cess of the show. Richard Ed­wards

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