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RichaRd Ed­waRds Edi­tor


Glad to see dis­ney is al­ready think­ing about more Star Wars movies after 2020. Maybe i’ll get my Nien Nunb spin-off after all.

Very ex­cited that the Star Wars iden­ti­ties ex­hi­bi­tion is com­ing to the o2 – At-Ats, Car­bonite, Stormtroop­ers... What more could you want? But more on that next is­sue...

ian bERRi­man rE­ViEWS Edi­tor


New hor­ror stream­ing ser­vice Shud­der (www. shud­der.com) looks promis­ing.

Cur­rent reading: Jonathan rigby’s lat­est book on hor­ror cin­ema, Euro Gothic (out 31 oc­to­ber). rec­om­mended.

Quite tempted by the vinyl reis­sue of the sound­track to 1979 zom­bie hor­ror Shock Waves…!

Rus­sEll lEwin pro­duC­tioN Edi­tor


Never re­ally been a fan, but found Red Dwarf XI pleas­antly good-hu­moured. Rants

i find it quite de­press­ing that a di­rec­tor of James Cameron’s tal­ent is wast­ing a decade of his life on four films set in the same uni­verse that hardly any­one wants to see. [But Avatar’s the big­gest movie of all time! – Ed]

cliff nEw­man Art Edi­tor


i re­ally en­joyed the first sea­son of Hu­mans, and i’m ex­cited to see which di­rec­tion the new se­ries takes.

i was in­trigued by tim Bur­ton’s de­scrip­tion of the Miss Pere­grine’s Chil­dren books, so i’ve just or­dered the box set. Weird kid ad­ven­tures and ro­bots – oc­to­ber, sorted.

nicky go­to­bEd dE­SiGNEr


Very ex­cited to see Miss Pere­grine’s Home For Pe­cu­liar Chil­dren, ab­so­lutely loved the trailer.

on holiday in Lan­zarote i tried to do my best raquel Welch One Mil­lion Years BC im­pres­sion on the stun­ning vol­canic land­scape.

Loved hear­ing daniel rad­cliffe crush­ing on the Stranger Things kids on ra­dio 1.

nick sEtch­fiEld fEA­turES Edi­tor


Had an early peek at Ar­rival – in­tense, in­tel­li­gent and full of wow-wor­thy vi­su­als. Can’t wait to see what de­nis Vil­leneuve does with Blade Run­ner 2.

if ’70s-’80s Amer­i­can comics are your sweet spot, you’ll love Ge­orge Khoury’s Comic Book Fever. An ab­so­lute blast of Bronze Age nos­tal­gia.

josh win­ning NEWS Edi­tor


West­world is a gun-slin­gin’ good time – sub­lime echoes of Ex Machina and Michael Crich­ton’s orig­i­nal. i could watch the whole thing on a loop.

that Pas­sen­gers trailer was a bit ph­woar. Sex­i­est space movie since Bar­barella?

Great to chat to Stephen Bax­ter at the Gol­lancz fes­ti­val.

jonathan coatEs Art Edi­tor


Can’t wait for Crazyhead. A lit­tle sad to hear that it won’t be quite as ex­treme as Mis­fits, but i have faith in Howard over­man – it’s go­ing to be great! Rants

Hope Doc­tor Strange will fea­ture some of the ditko psychedelia. Not a fan of the In­cep­tion-like look of the trailer.

will salmon SpE­CiALS Edi­tor


i’m host­ing an evening with Twin Peaks leg­end Mark frost at top­pings in Bath. Come! http://bit.ly/sfx­peaks

“the power of the daleks” an­i­mated? i’m in! How about “fury from the deep” next? Rants

Blair Witch was okay, but hasn’t trou­bled my dreams.

mikE bREn­nan to­tAL fiLM Art Edi­tor


Very much look­ing for­ward to Ar­rival, looks pretty damn good! Rants

World Of War­craft = World of pain. What ab­so­lute orcsh*t that movie was.

Red Dwarf – sorry, i just don’t care, some things be­long in the past. *ducks for cover*

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