“He’s On The Wrong Side Of The River...”

Mads Mikkelsen is Kae­cil­ius

SFX - - Doctor Strange -

How were you ap­proached for this movie? the di­rec­tor, scott Der­rick­son, pitched it to me, and he ended up say­ing, “magic and fly­ing kung fu.” i said, “Hold it right there. i’m on.” it’s a world of a 15-year-old boy’s fan­tasy. ev­ery­thing we ever dreamt of when we were kids is what we’re do­ing right now on this film.

Who is Kae­cil­ius? He is part of Ka­mar-taj but has a dif­fer­ent view­point. if the ma­jor­ity is look­ing for the truth here, he’s look­ing over there for the truth. so he’s caught up on the wrong side of the river, in a sense. He be­lieves if he’s go­ing that way, then the world will be much more beau­ti­ful and all his ques­tions will be an­swered even­tu­ally. He’s try­ing, like any­body else, to make this world much more beau­ti­ful and make this world make sense. He does believe that it’s the door over there and not the door ev­ery­one else is open­ing.

Why is Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch right for Strange? He’s the per­fect choice in the sense that strange is a char­ac­ter that trans­forms from one thing to an­other and Bene­dict pos­sesses the abil­ity to do that. He can be very phys­i­cal and very di­rect. But he can also be very in­tel­lec­tual. and he can also play very ar­ro­gant. this char­ac­ter has a fair amount of ar­ro­gance in the be­gin­ning of the film and his jour­ney is ob­vi­ously to fig­ure out what pur­pose that ar­ro­gance is serv­ing.

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