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Greg Austin on play­ing an alien prince

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Tell us about your char­ac­ter. I play Char­lie, an alien from the planet Rho­dia. He’s the prince of Rho­dia, one of the fi­nal two sur­vivors. The Doc­tor saves us and brings us to Earth. So I’ve just come to Earth and I’m try­ing to fit in.

Does he have an aris­to­cratic bear­ing? It’s al­ways there. He’s try­ing to cover it up be­cause he’s gotta try and fit in with all these weird hu­mans, who he thinks are very odd.

How did you ap­proach play­ing the role? When I got the sides for the au­di­tion, I didn’t know he was an alien at that point. At first I thought he had Asperger’s – that’s how it came across. He takes ev­ery­thing at face value, and he’s very so­cially awk­ward. So I latched onto that orig­i­nally. I also watched Ex Machina in my re­search – I thought that was a good ref­er­ence for Char­lie, be­cause he’s so lit­eral, a bit like a robot in a way. So I tried to in­cor­po­rate that into his char­ac­ter a bit.

How come he looks hu­man?

It’s never ex­plic­itly stated, but as far as we’ve worked out the Doc­tor has changed us phys­i­cally some­how. You will see some of us be­ing aliens, but the pros­thet­ics take ages!

April and Char­lie are go­ing to face big­ger prob­lems than dou­ble maths.

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