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Emily Ber­ring­ton is back as Niska

We know that you’re sworn to se­crecy, but could you give us a tease of what’s in store for niska this se­ries?

Sure! As we know from the end of se­ries one, Niska has gone off with the code for synth con­scious­ness. So the new se­ries is full of tur­moil for Niska; to work out what to do with it and what it would mean for the world. And then things get a lot more com­pli­cated... Niska’s sto­ry­line has mas­sive reper­cus­sions for all the char­ac­ters and the world at large.

is she the same niska we knew from se­ries one?

In se­ries one Niska spent a lot of time be­ing sus­pi­cious of hu­mans but she learnt that things aren’t as black and white as she had be­lieved. She comes into se­ries two with a bit more of a com­plex ap­proach to the world. She doesn’t just think, “Hu­mans are bad, synths are good”. She’s def­i­nitely more trust­ing, with­out be­ing a 100% trust­ing of any­one or any­thing.

How was it get­ting back into synth mode after time away?

It was dif­fi­cult. It’s a spe­cific dis­ci­pline. For about a month be­fore se­ries two, I tried to do dif­fer­ent things around the house in synth mode just to re­mind my­self. I’d try to walk through my flat in a very ef­fi­cient way, turn­ing cor­ners pre­cisely. Even things like I’d try to put my jacket on. There was a re­ally dif­fi­cult scene in se­ries one where I tried to put a jacket on as a synth and it was im­pos­si­ble. I think they ended up cut­ting it. So I thought, “This year, I’m putting on that jacket!”

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