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Medium Atomic Weight, email Re­boots, reimag­in­ings, re­hash­ings, it all boils down to the same ques­tion – have you got some­thing in­ter­est­ing to say? RoboCop (2014) was a great ex­am­ple of a movie tak­ing ev­ery­thing we loved about the orig­i­nal and mak­ing it rel­e­vant to our sur­veil­lance-sat­u­rated, pri­vacy-erod­ing present. Stranger Things and Su­per 8 (okay, the lat­ter is tech­ni­cally ’79) riff on our rose-tinted mem­o­ries but nev­er­the­less de­liver great sto­ries with great act­ing. I’m happy to keep dig­ging out the leg­warm­ers if it means I’ve got a rol­lick­ing good tale to watch. SFX Well put. Era’s nowhere near as im­por­tant as the story you’ve got to tell.

Marc Farmer, Face­book One of the ways you know you’re get­ting older is when the decade you grew up in is used as a sell­ing point for dif­fer­ent media. I’m not sure it’s a bad thing if it’s not over­done but the ’80s seem to be treated dif­fer­ently to the ’60s and ’70s. It’s al­most as if the decade is viewed as an al­ter­nate re­al­ity where ev­ery­thing is fa­mil­iar yet dif­fer­ent. Apart from X-Men: Apoca­lypse. You wouldn’t even know that was set in the ’80s if they hadn’t told you.

Nate Me­lander, Face­book Hol­ly­wood hasn’t even be­gun to do the ’80s. I do wish, how­ever, they would stop it with the ’60s nos­tal­gia that the boomers over-glo­rify.

Andy King, Twit­ter I’d rather have ’80s nos­tal­gia than re­makes of ’80s films, per­son­ally.

Edgar Torné, Face­book Stranger Things wasn’t that great. It re­lied solely on nos­tal­gia.

Tony Greenall, Twit­ter They’ve over­done re­makes for years. At least Stranger Things is just a nod to other stuff and not just a re­hash. SFX And it was won­der­ful, wasn’t it? My favourite TV show of the year by a mile.

Olive Dice, GamesRadar+ I’m lov­ing the good ’80s throw­backs in mu­sic and games these

Part of the fun is that the ’80s haven’t been mined to ex­haus­tion

days. Syn­th­wave mu­sic is the genre I al­ways wanted but never thought would ex­ist, which makes me very happy. I en­joyed Stranger Things – I want to see more orig­i­nal ’80s set movies, rather than re­makes/re­boots/se­quels to great ’80s fran­chises.

Scott James, Face­book Yes, Stranger Things and The Gold­bergs are great, but part of the fun is that the ’80s haven’t been mined to ex­haus­tion. Ditto fourth-wall break­ing wink-wink-to-theau­di­ence stuff. It will wear thin be­fore too long. I’m strug­gling to think about clearly de­fin­i­tive styles, cul­tural touch­stones and media that en­com­pass a “’10s” vibe that aren’t a throw­back to sum­mat else. Or “ironic”. God, I don’t want this to be the decade where ev­ery­thing is tongue-in-cheek, self-aware wack­i­ness – imag­ine ex­plain­ing that to your grand­kids. SFX Look­ing past the fact that the ’80s pro­duced some of the best genre movies of all time (Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Back To The Fu­ture, ET, Ghost­busters… I could go on), there’s also some­thing about the era that’s great for sto­ry­telling. Not only does it look broadly sim­i­lar to to­day – the ’60s are a lit­tle TOO retro – the lack of mo­bile phones and in­ter­net makes it a lit­tle eas­ier to gen­er­ate plau­si­ble peril. #FRINGE BEN­E­FITS

He­len, email I have been watch­ing Fringe for the first time and de­cided to read all your ar­ti­cles, in­ter­views and episode re­views on the show as I watched each episode. I have gen­er­ally en­joyed your re­views and have watched in­tently to “spot the Ob­server” in each episode won­der­ing if I caught sight of them as you did!

But out of the 49 is­sues from #172 to #235 in which you fea­tured in­ter­views and re­views, you never once had the Fab­u­lous Fringe Team on your front cover. NO FRINGE – SHAME ON YOU!

SHAME ON YOU again be­cause I have been un­able to read your re­views of sea­son five episodes, be­cause they only ap­peared on­line! And un­for­tu­nately there’s a third SHAME ON YOU com­ing. Your re­cent The Ul­ti­mate Sci-Fi Quiz Book only fea­tured one ques­tion on Fringe, de­spite Fringe be­ing in your opin­ion, “One of the most dar­ingly ex­cit­ing TV sci-fi shows ever” and one you “didn’t want to end”. How about a full sec­tion in your next quiz book, eh?

Okay, ob­ses­sive rant over, but se­ri­ously I’m sorely dis­ap­pointed that I can’t com­plete my jour­ney of Fringe dis­cov­ery and read your re­views (which gen­er­ally are pretty great). SFX I’ve never been so ASHAMED – though it’s nice to find some­one who likes Fringe as much as I do! And fear not, our sea­son five re­views are still on­line via GamesRadar+. Just Google “Fringe”, “GamesRadar” and the episode num­ber (eg 5.01) and you’ll find them. Here’s one to get you started… SFXFringe501.


Jon Martin, Foel­gastell My copy of SFX dropped through the let­ter box a week or so ago, but due to hav­ing just started re-reading Peter F Hamil­ton’s Void tril­ogy and be­ing un­able to put it down again (will I ever learn?), I didn’t get around to your great mag un­til this morn­ing... which is still August, just. Yet the spine as­sures me that it’s cur­rently Oc­to­ber! So if you guys with your mon­thtwist­ing ways can’t ex­plain a few days, there’s no hope for the rest of us! SFX Happy Christ­mas, Jon! It is De­cem­ber, after all.


Mark Jef­freys, email Mini com­plaint. Fol­low­ing my usual en­joy­able read of your magazine, I was dis­ap­pointed to find a spoiler

It was great to see a brand new se­ries of Red Dwarf

on the TV preview in is­sue 278 about Su­per­nat­u­ral (yeah, I know I am still watch­ing it). You stated that not only did the Winch­esters’ mum come back from the dead, but also that one of the brothers was shot at the end of sea­son 11. Well, to date in the UK we’re still watch­ing sea­son 11 and these things haven’t yet hap­pened. Thanks for spoil­ing the end of sea­son 11. SFX Sorry, Mark. So much tele­vi­sion these days even we strug­gle to keep track of ev­ery­thing. Sea­son 11’s now all done and dusted on E4, though, so hope­fully you can en­joy our sea­son 12 story on p14.


Cliff Home­wood, email I read with in­ter­est the other day the fact that Red Dwarf is the sec­ond longestrun­ning SF TV show as it felt wrong to me, and I sus­pect it is just a piece of mar­ket­ing blurb. First of all I sus­pect a Ja­panese TV show would take this ti­tle. The ques­tion is how long a gap is ac­cept­able when stat­ing “longestrun­ning” be­tween the orig­i­nal and re­vived show. If we are ac­cept­ing these sort of gaps, and I am tak­ing it for granted we are (Doc­tor Who fan) then Red Dwarf is def­i­nitely not the sec­ond long­est-run­ning – I would sug­gest that hon­our would prob­a­bly go to The Twi­light Zone (1959-64, re­vived 1985-87 and again 2002-3) which I sus­pect will be back on our screens again with a new se­ries sooner or later. Cur­rently its run stands at 44 years which trounces Red Dwarf’s 26 years.

So please can peo­ple stop call­ing it the sec­ond longestrun­ning sci­ence fic­tion se­ries of all time, as I believe that hon­our may soon be held by the Ja­panese an­ime Do­rae­mon (1973 an­ime, 1979 an­ime, 2005 an­ime which is still run­ning thanks to Dis­ney)… SFX This is a re­ally in­ter­est­ing ques­tion, Cliff. For starters, do The Twi­light Zone re­boots count as a con­tin­u­a­tion of the same show? Whether or not Red Dwarf is ac­tu­ally the sec­ond longestrun­ning, it de­serves ex­tra points for still hav­ing its orig­i­nal cast in­tact. None of its ri­vals can ar­gue the same.


Michael Gar­ner, email I do not get peo­ple’s prob­lems with Preacher. Hav­ing watched Talk­ing Preacher with Chris Hard­wick (a man who could ap­pear in SFX just for be­ing Chris Hard­wick [good job he’s al­ready been in My Sci-Fi – Ed]), Seth Ro­gen stated that they wanted to make the first sea­son of Preacher a jump-on point for ev­ery­one, not just comic book fans. I love the comic Preacher. I think it’s funny and clearly writ­ten by a non-Amer­i­can mak­ing commentary on the Amer­i­can way of life, love and re­li­gion. It was a stroke of ge­nius mak­ing sea­son one hap­pen be­fore the start of the comic. It gives a way of show­ing the re­la­tion­ships with­out hav­ing to squeeze char­ac­ter-driven scenes be­tween nods to comic­dom and bat-crap crazy scenes for the wa­ter cooler bri­gade. Sea­son two should start with is­sue one. I’m say­ing now that sea­son three of Preacher will be some of the finest TV ever. SFX You’ll get no ar­gu­ments from SFX Tow­ers, Mike. Hope you en­joyed the free DVD this is­sue. (Sorry over­seas read­ers, the gift’s UK only.) #BACK IN THE RED

James Ed­wards, email It was great to see a brand new se­ries of Red Dwarf back on our screens on Dave, but as en­joy­able as it was, I haven’t found the show as funny since se­ries VI my­self. I’m not knock­ing more new ad­ven­tures of Lis­ter and the crew of Star­bug – I do love Red Dwarf and the cast are amaz­ing as al­ways. I just don’t think it’s as great as it once was. Still, I’ll watch the re­main­der of se­ries XI and hope­fully give se­ries XII a go next year too! I loved your Red Dwarf mini-mag free gift in SFX 279, by the way!

Dan Pendle­ton, Twit­ter There are a lot of Red Dwarf ar­ti­cles/fea­tures out there from var­i­ous sources. Some good, many aw­ful. SFX magazine gets it ex­actly right! SFX We’ve had so many kind words about our Red Dwarf cov­er­age in is­sue 279 – thank you all! Also de­lighted that so many peo­ple have been go­ing to such great lengths to hunt down a full quar­tet of Red Dwarf cov­ers. Send us pics of your col­lec­tions – ex­tra bonus points if you’ve got a sub­scriber cover too!


Neil Hick­man, email Got to dis­agree with the sug­ges­tion that su­per­hero films should be made for a tar­get au­di­ence of kids. Most are sort of all ages any­way and there’s al­ways the car­toons for the young ’uns.

It does the genre no harm at all to have its Dead­pool and Sui­cide Squad-style films. You don’t see many kids in the comic stores and they wouldn’t have a clue what was go­ing on if they did pick up a ran­dom book – the days of ev­ery comic could be some­one’s first are long gone. Dare­devil is awe­some and you wouldn’t want your kids watch­ing that! SFX Say­ing all su­per­hero movies should just be for kids is as silly as say­ing all space-set stuff or all car­toons should be for kids – there’s room for all in ev­ery genre.


Stephen McAfee, email Why do the Hol­ly­wood stu­dios seem to give us false trail­ers? With Sui­cide Squad I’m sure you’re aware of the dis­crep­an­cies be­tween the trailer and the fi­nal cut us fans paid to

see? Whole scenes seemed to be miss­ing – surely this is false ad­ver­tis­ing? In any other mar­ket­ing en­vi­ron­ment it would prob­a­bly be il­le­gal! Sui­cide Squad was heav­ily mar­keted with the Joker, be it posters or scenes as shown in trail­ers that we never saw. That can’t be fair?

SFX Play­ing devil’s ad­vo­cate, stu­dios usu­ally won’t have de­cided a fi­nal cut when trail­ers are made, so they might not even know the scenes are des­tined for the cut­ting room floor. Doesn’t stop it be­ing an­noy­ing, though...


Rus­sell Eubanks, email Am I the only one to no­tice the re­sem­blance be­tween Theresa May and Har­riet Jones (MP for Fly­dale North)? SFX Yes, we know who she is.

Ash­ley Beech­ing, email Please pass on my grat­i­tude to Penny Dread­ful for rec­om­mend­ing The

In­vi­ta­tion, a fan­tas­ti­cally acted and tense psy­cho­log­i­cal hor­ror with lovely cin­e­matog­ra­phy!

Craig Han­cock, email That page in SFX where staff state their Rants and Raves... No­body cares !!!!! It’s a one-sided ar­gu­ment that in­fu­ri­ates the reader! SFX? Just stop. You’re the rea­son I can only stay in comic book shops for 10 min­utes be­fore walk­ing out empty-handed. You’re a pa­per ver­sion of the clichéd, dron­ing, inane fan­boy that spoils it for nor­mal peo­ple. SFX Will you be send­ing us a Christ­mas card, Craig?

A Hanna, by post to lick whipped cream off it.

SFX But what was the correspondent writ­ing about? An­swers on a post­card…

Stranger Things hap­pen at sea… sorry, we mean in the ’80s.

Don’t re­make ET. Don’t re­make ET. Don’t re­make ET.

Fringe: gone but not for­got­ten, no siree.

Nice poses boys, but not as good as our cov­ers last is­sue!

There’s bound to be more of him in DVD bonus ma­te­rial…

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