Into what dark cor­ners of Gotham would you like to see Ben Af­fleck steer­ing the Bat­mo­bile? Look to the skies, Warner Bros – SFX read­ers have sent a Bat-sig­naL BLaz­ing into the cLouds. here’s What they Want from the soLo Bat-movie

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What you guys and gals want in Ben Af­fleck’s Bat­man movie.


1 A lot of you seem to think the char­ac­ter’s ori­gins in De­tec­tive Comics have been for­got­ten! In the words of Brian sta­bler, “A bit of detecting wouldn’t go amiss. Bat­man is, af­ter all, sup­posed to be the World’s Great­est De­tec­tive!” @am­berkrakn is singing from the same hymn sheet. “Have Bat­man solv­ing a case in­volv­ing just nor­mal crim­i­nals.”


2 The news that this movie will fea­ture as­sas­sin Death­stroke has gone down well. Lesser-known vil­lains got more men­tions than the likes of the Rid­dler and the Pen­guin. “Anarky can al­ways use more love (the real one, not the im­i­ta­tors since),” says alan Wilkin­son. There were also votes for Clay­face, Mud­pack, Mad Hat­ter, Mu­sic Meis­ter and Baby Doll.


3 sean Bonau was among those keen on see­ing the Boy Won­der – and not just so we can see the char­ac­ter meet a grue­some end, we think! matt chris­tian sup­plies a twist on the theme: “Nightwing! Or at the very least a Dick Grayson cameo.” A few of you also pro­posed gen­der-swap­ping the char­ac­ter.


4 When you weren’t rant­ing about re­cast­ing Bat­man, prefer­ably by bring­ing back Chris­tian Bale, you were slat­ing Sui­cide Squad’s take on the Clown Prince of Crime. “The ac­tual Joker, not the pimp clown,” oliver Fitzsim­mons com­plains. “We se­ri­ously need Jared Leto to be re­vealed as a for­mer Robin…”


5 If there’s one thing no­body wants, it seems, it’s to see Bruce Wayne’s par­ents gunned down in an al­ley with pearls cas­cad­ing onto the side­walk again – or any other el­e­ments of the Dark Knight’s rise. “No ori­gin story!” is the cry from the likes of Ja­son Burke and ryan Weavell, clearly keen to see Bat­man just get­ting the hell on with it.

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