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SFX - - Firstcontact -

Medium Atomic Weight Noel Ed­monds should turn up as Clue­mas­ter. He’ll be need­ing a new gig when Deal Or No Deal ends.

crazy­mur­dav I’d like for it to be scripted by Paul Dini.

Jim Fit­ton Make him a hero – look at Zorro, the Scar­let Pim­per­nel and Robin Hood in­stead of cherry-pick­ing the comics for ideas.

Dom Archer I want to see Bat­man truly be­liev­ing in him­self and his cause. Al­lies doubt, vil­lains chal­lenge, Bat­man pre­vails!

Ade­laide Robin­son More re­spect for Bat­man’s his­tory and sup­port­ing cast (Robins and Bat­girls!) – and Ryan Pot­ter as Tim Drake please!

Ross Har­ri­son I’d like for Bat­man to be more than a com­mon psy­chopath!

tes­ti­c­u­lian Even more bonecrush­ing Bat­fleck, and more LSD-in­fused vi­sions – more drugs and vi­o­lence in gen­eral!

Keith Heeney Bat Nip­ples – some­thing for the Mad Hat­ter to hang his hats on! Oh and sharkre­pel­lent Bat-spray, gotta have some of that! But no bombs with the word “BOMB” on them. That would just be silly. Gareth Mad­dieson A live-ac­tion re­make of Mask Of The Phan­tasm!

Marc Farmer A fleshed-out vil­lain. If DC can ac­com­plish that then they’ll have at least done some­thing bet­ter than Marvel. Steve Hyett A shorter run­ning time. One hour 45 min­utes is fine! Jonathan Webb He should lose the Bat-cos­tume and have a fu­tur­is­tic ninja look. Damian Conibere I’d like to see a Red Hood story taken out of Arkham Knight. John Fin­nan The sort of para­noid over-plan­ning that lets him stay one step ahead of even the most pow­er­ful ad­ver­saries. Wayne Smyth A grey suit – and no Sui­cide Squad mem­bers. Brett Con­nolly Mr Freeze, played by Peter Weller. Lee Har­ri­son I’d be im­pressed if they got a Stan Lee cameo! David Whit­tam Ba­si­cally, put some eff­ing jokes in it.

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