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What im­pressed you about the screen­play?

I re­ally liked it be­cause it’s a big theme to tackle: “What now?” It’s a very mid-life thing. Mo­ti­va­tions change, pri­or­i­ties change. Does the Fed­er­a­tion mean any­thing? Should we be fight­ing for it? It was a com­bi­na­tion of that – the ac­tion I never re­ally care about – and the hu­mour, be­cause Si­mon [Pegg] is funny and Doug [Jung] to­tally got it. It was al­ways fun com­ing up with chances to make peo­ple smile. We had good en­ergy on this one – the com­pos­ite en­ergy of true Trek fans and then peo­ple who are just fans of sto­ries. You throw those peo­ple to­gether and a new en­ergy is cre­ated.

We’re deep into the five-year mis­sion now…

What Si­mon and Doug did so in­tel­li­gently is show the flip­side of these tent­pole films. What’s Thor do­ing with his ham­mer when there’s no one to kill? What is this En­ter­prise crew do­ing on the days off? They’ve got got to re­paint the thing that got busted and they’re get­ting cof­fee from the cafe­te­ria… All these quiet mo­ments, what it would be like to be on a sub­ma­rine for six months. These guys are away for five years with the same peo­ple. We show a lit­tle bit of that, which is great. Nick Setch­field

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