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The Work­ing Dead

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re­leased OUT NOW! 2015 | 15 | dVd

Creators rob Thomas, diane rug­giero-Wright

Cast rose McIver, Mal­colm Good­win, rahul Kohli, robert Buck­ley

The Walk­ing Dead changed so much. Ten years ago the idea of a zom­bie TV se­ries was un­think­able. Now the con­cept’s so main­stream that “un­dead” can be the per­son­al­ity quirk for a de­tec­tive, like Monk’s OCD or Bones’s poor so­cial skills.

Be­cause that’s ba­si­cally what this adap­ta­tion of Chris Roberson and Michael Allred’s Vertigo comic is: a de­tec­tive se­ries, given added teen ap­peal by a fe­male pro­tag­o­nist (now work­ing in a morgue, not the ceme­tery of the comic) who uses the mem­o­ries she gains from eat­ing brains to help solve mur­ders.

Sadly, these grafted-on cop show el­e­ments are the weak­est part of these 13 episodes. The fact that no­body raises an eye­brow at a morgue as­sis­tant rou­tinely tak­ing part in po­lice ques­tion­ing is lu­di­crous, and the cases of the week are rarely par­tic­u­larly in­ter­est­ing, the in­ves­ti­ga­tions of­ten per­func­tory. You may find your­self wish­ing they’d dump them, the way An­gel quickly down­played the pri­vate eye busi­ness.

For­tu­nately in Liv (Rose McIver) and English boss Ravi (Rahul Kohli) the show has a cou­ple of like­able leads, and the weekly per­son­al­ity changes Liv un­der­goes as those mem­o­ries give her new abil­i­ties add in­ter­est; she’s kinda a zom­bie Joe 90. When the show fo­cuses on the un­dead sub­cul­ture and the machi­na­tions of Blaine, David An­ders’s Spike­like, bleached-blond zom­bie drug dealer, it comes to life. It’s just a shame that in al­ter­ing the premise, Veron­ica Mars’s Rob Thomas and Diane Rug­giero-Wright have lost the ghosts, were­wolves and pos­ses­sions that were part of the comic. Any­one who’s read that will have the con­stant nag­ging feel­ing that this show could be so much more in­ter­est­ing.

Ex­tras Deleted scenes (seven min­utes) and the 2014 Comic-Con panel. Ian Berri­man

An­ders got tips from James “Spike” Marsters on re­duc­ing the pain of per­ox­ide. The trick’s to put sweet­ener in the mix!

Strange Su­san al­ways paid peo­ple to watch her sleep.

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