the Night­mare worlds of hg wells

Wells in Roald Dahl mode

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re­leased OUT NOW! 2016 | 15 | dVd Di­rec­tor adrian sher­gold Cast ray Win­stone, Michael Gam­bon, luke Tread­away

Cast­ing Ray Win­stone as HG Wells is a rip­ping wheeze that sadly sends out all the wrong sig­nals about this oth­er­wise rather po-faced Sky Arts adap­ta­tion of four of the au­thor’s short sto­ries.

There’s some ev­i­dence that these four tales are sup­posed to be blackly comic – a sort of League Of Gentle­men’s Tales Of The Un­ex­pected. The sub­ject mat­ter is cer­tainly rum old toot: an artist whose paint­ing comes to life to se­duce him; an aged ec­cen­tric who body-swaps to stay alive; an et­y­mol­o­gist haunted by a ri­val rein­car­nated as a moth; a baker who dis­cov­ers the most mag­i­cal mush­rooms ever. But the stuffy, life­less stag­ing, stylised sets and one-mood tone mean that even a fine cast strug­gle to make these night­mares en­ter­tain­ing, though there are some won­der­fully bizarre mo­ments.

Also, Wells was no Roald Dahl. His short hor­ror sto­ries rarely have a proper twist or sur­prise conclusion (“The Late Mr Elve­sham” comes clos­est). In­stead they go down the moral­ity tales route, and that re­ally does suck the fun out of the more fan­ci­ful con­cepts.

Ex­tras None. Dave Golder

Writer Gra­ham Duff cameos as a doc­tor in one story. He was also a Death Eater in the last Harry Pot­ter film.

It’s HG fackin’ Wells, you slaaags.

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