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Rock­steady’s Arkham se­ries has al­ways done right by the Caped Cru­sader. The Bri­tish stu­dio just un­der­stands what makes Bat­man tick. So for the same team to helm a VR ex­pe­ri­ence that lit­er­ally lets you look down and see a util­ity belt around your waist is a Bat-dream come true.

Put sim­ply, you are Bat­man. From chat­ting with Al­fred, to de­scend­ing into the Bat­cave, to ad­mir­ing your chis­elled jaw in the mir­ror, Arkham VR wires you straight into the Dark Knight’s brain. Suit­ing up is worth the price of ad­mis­sion alone and by the time you’re test­ing out your Batarangs, you’ll be fully im­mersed. But this isn’t just a dress­ing sim, you’re the World’s Great­est De­tec­tive and there’s a case to solve. There’s no brawl­ing or Bat­mo­bile chases here, but there are puz­zles to solve and some es­pe­cially sat­is­fy­ing uses of the “foren­sic scan­ner”. The story it­self is only an hour long, but is ex­e­cuted per­fectly, with a dra­matic conclusion show­ing just how pow­er­ful vir­tual re­al­ity can be when com­bined with a stu­dio at the very top of its game.

And there’s plenty to do once the cred­its roll. The Rid­dler ar­rives to paint fiendish ques­tion marks and ar­rows all over lev­els, and there’s a host of puz­zling to do. Even ig­nor­ing the green-clad one’s mind­bend­ing games, the Bat­cave is a trea­sure trove of bonus con­tent. Here you can wield weapons from the first three games, tune into the GCPD po­lice scan­ner, and study life-sized, mov­ing recre­ations of in­fa­mous he­roes and vil­lains. All this plus the abil­ity to grap­ple through the Bat­cave while winged ro­dents squeal as they fly past. As VR “ex­pe­ri­ences” go, this is, like Bat­man him­self, hard to beat. Louise Blain

Rock­steady’s Sefton Hill says the game got DC’s Pres­i­dent quite emo­tional. “Ge­off Johns was just like, swear­ing!”

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