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1 Hav­ing a cof­fee morn­ing with four pals? Then why not match up their per­son­al­i­ties with these five Star Wars Pop! Home mugs (FPI price £12.99 each; prod­uct codes F4261, F4262, F4263, F4264, F4265)? Darth Vader for the grumpy one, BB-8 for the cute one, Stormtrooper for the mean but clumsy one, Boba Fett for the, er, cun­ning as­sas­sin one, and Chew­bacca for… wait a minute! This Chew­bacca looks like an Ewok! What’s with those cute eyes? This causes chaos! Look, just get three friends round, not four.

2 Like the fact that prac­ti­cally ev­ery­thing with “Trump” plas­tered on it is knocked out in the Far East, there’s some­thing ironic about this Cap­tain Amer­ica char­ac­ter mug (FPI price £8.99; prod­uct code F2154) bear­ing the leg­end “Made in China”. Hand-painted – by some pretty un­in­ter­ested em­ploy­ees, judg­ing by the not-ex­actly-Rem­brandt-level qual­ity brush­work – it may look wee com­pared to the other mugs on these pages, but is ac­tu­ally the per­fect size for a reg­u­lar-sized dose of PG Tips. We tested this by de­cant­ing water into it and ev­ery­thing! This is why we get paid the big bucks, folks.

3 Let’s face it, crim­i­nal psy­chosis isn’t so cute. But one look at this range of Sui­cide Squad Met­als die-fast fig­ures (FPI price £10.99 each; prod­uct codes F3569, F3623, F3624, F3625, F3626) will melt your moral ob­jec­tions. The line-up in­cludes Killer Croc, a masked Dead­shot (doubtlessly cheaper than the rights to Will Smith’s mush) and Har­ley Quinn, com­plete with out­size base­ball bat for those oh-so-adorable acts of griev­ous bod­ily harm. Jared Leto’s

sleaze­ball crime clown is avail­able in two vari­ants. They all have swiv­el­ling hips, the minxes.

4 Pay tribute to the An­cient One with this hand-painted resin fig­ure of the squid-faced geezer. It’s nicely de­tailed and heavy enough to bash any un­wanted cultists on the bonce. It’s just part of a Cthulhu the An­cient One tribute box

(FPI price £11.24; prod­uct code C9769) which also in­cludes a book on Cthulhu lore. The es­say in this is good, but the book is padded with pages on Me­tal­lica’s Ride The

Light­ning al­bum cover (be­cause of the song “Call Of Ktulu”) and two pages on @Ws­tonesOx­fordSt’s Twit­ter ac­count...

5 Spare a thought for this Thun­derCats Mega Scale

Lion-O (FPI price £34.99; prod­uct code D5362) – the poor bug­ger’s been sen­tenced to a life­time im­pris­oned in a dis­play box with “cute” side­kick Snarf. Luck­ily, the lord of the Thun­derCats has some toys to help him oc­cupy the time, namely a Claw Shield, and not one but two Swords of Omens – one ver­sion in its closed-eye stumpy ver­sion, the other eye-open and ex­tended. Thun­derChum Ty­gra is also avail­able – he comes with a bolo whip and cru­cially, no Snarf.

6 It may feel like there’s noth­ing left that hasn’t yet been turned into a Funko Pop! fig­ure, but we’ve thought of a few gaps in the mar­ket. There’s still room for dic­ta­tor, se­rial killer and per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of ab­stract con­cept ranges, al­low­ing you to buy cutesy plas­tic sim­u­lacra of Pol Pot, Jef­frey Dah­mer and En­nui. Af­ter that, the next log­i­cal step is Funko Pops of all seven bil­lion peo­ple on the planet. Plus vari­ants with all seven bil­lion wear­ing dif­fer­ent jumpers. Any­way, here’s Scott Pil­grim vs The World Pop!

vinyl fig­ures (FPI price £8.69 each; prod­uct codes F3242, F3243, F3244) of Scott, Ra­mona Flow­ers and Knives Chau. May their Smar­tie-eyed fiz­zogs dis­tract you from the cease­less back­ground hum of the grind­ing death en­gines of cap­i­tal­ism for a few sec­onds.

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