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DI­REC­TOR OR­SON KREN­NIC alias Ben Men­del­sohn

First came on board the Death Star project when it be­gan un­der then-Chan­cel­lor Pal­pa­tine in the Old Republic, and is now di­rec­tor of Ad­vanced Weapons Re­search for the Em­pire. Af­ter more than 20 years of de­vel­op­ment, he’s de­ter­mined to see his bat­tle sta­tion be­come op­er­a­tional. DARTH VADER alias James Earl Jones and (ru­moured) Spencer Wild­ing Big. Im­pos­ing. Heavy breather. Skilled with the Force. You may have heard of him. The ques­tion is, is Di­rec­tor Kren­nic hold­ing his leash, or is it the other way around?

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