mas­sive at­tack

Four more colos­sal su­per-weapons

SFX - - Rogue one a star wars story -


Doc­tor Who, “Jour­ney’s end” For epic scale it’s hard to beat Davros’s sui­ci­dal scheme to use a planet-sized Dalek spaces­ta­tion plus 26 stolen plan­ets (and one stolen moon!) to trans­mit an elec­tro­mag­netic can­celling wave ca­pa­ble of wip­ing out the en­tire uni­verse (and dis­in­te­grat­ing Gita off EastEn­ders).


Halo videogames This net­work of seven ring-shaped ar­ti­fi­cial worlds, each 10,000 km across and sep­a­rated by thou­sands of light years, is ca­pa­ble of wip­ing out all sen­tient life in the Milky Way via the su­per­lu­mi­nal con­veyance of a burst of cross-phased su­per-mas­sive neu­tri­nos. Try say­ing that af­ter a cou­ple of gins.


The DC uni­verse In a text­book case of nom­i­na­tive de­ter­min­ism, alien race the War­zoons cre­ated this ar­ti­fi­cial satel­lite bristling with laser-can­nons and nu­clear mis­siles, op­er­ated men­tally from a con­trol chair. Un­for­tu­nately the stress it puts on the con­troller’s brain even­tu­ally kills them. Cue War­zoon ex­tinc­tion. If only they’d been called the Peace­zoons, eh?


star Trek, “The Dooms­day Ma­chine” Look­ing like a gi­nor­mous hol­lowed-out root veg­etable, this au­to­mated ves­sel, big enough to swal­low a dozen star­ships, carves up plan­ets with an an­tipro­ton beam, then gob­bles up the rub­ble as fuel. A neu­tro­n­ium hull makes it in­vul­ner­a­ble to at­tack – un­less you know some­one crazy enough to pi­lot a star­ship in­side and blow it up… ian Berri­man

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