The first two trilo­gies fea­ture plenty of plot gaps and throw­away lines that could be turned into Rogue Onestyle spin-offs...

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The bounty hunter that Han and the Rebels ran into on the planet of Ord Mantell changed his mind about pay­ing off Jabba the Hutt, but what ac­tu­ally hap­pened there? In the old Ex­panded Uni­verse the bounty hunter was a cy­ber­net­i­cally en­hanced rogue named Skorr. We’d love to see what kicked off in the new con­ti­nu­ity.


So many scoundrels in one place, and even though you only see most of them for mere sec­onds, it’s clear they all have sto­ries to tell. A stand­alone set in Ta­tooine’s seedy un­der­belly could get un­der the skin of a wretched hive of scum and vil­lainy – and even hang out in Jabba’s Palace.


We know that “many Bothans died to bring us this in­for­ma­tion,” but lit­tle else about them – they’ve never even ap­peared on screen. A companion piece to Rogue One could show how the furry spies ac­quired the key (al­beit ques­tion­able) in­tel on Death Star II.


How did the tax­a­tion of trade routes to out­ly­ing star sys­tems in the Ga­lac­tic Republic come to be dis­puted? How does in­ter­plan­e­tary fi­nance work? Could the Em­peror be top­pled for tax eva­sion? Thank­fully no­body in the known uni­verse – not even Ge­orge Lu­cas, we sus­pect – would ever want to see this movie.

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