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Rob Perry, Face­book Episode one felt clunky and more con­cerned with the sci-fi el­e­ments than char­ac­ter comedy, like a se­ries seven episode. But af­ter episode two things set­tled into a se­ries three/four vibe and it had me roar­ing with laugh­ter.

Kirsty Leanne, Face­book It’s not quite at its height, but still very funny, and su­pe­rior to the bad old days of se­ries seven and eight.

Seb Jowett, Face­book More laughs per show than most sit­coms man­age per se­ries.

Christo­pher Dow­son, Face­book It can never be what it was – a show about the last hu­man try­ing not to go mad in deep space. It lacks the hu­man­ity and cre­ativ­ity. Now it’s just an­other sci-fi comedy. SFX Er, just an­other sci-fi comedy? Which one are you think­ing of ? Hyper­drive? No Heroics?

An­drew Fran­cis, Face­book Re­cy­cling old plots and slip­ping them into new shows… come on, they can do lots bet­ter!

Dave Sim­monds, Face­book It feels like some ideas are re­cy­cled, but the Lister and Cat talk in “Sam­sara” was some of the best comedy Red

Dwarf’s ever done. James Metherell, Face­book It’s Red Dwarf by num­bers, but still tons of fun.

Michael Reid, Face­book The kid­neys episode didn’t work time­line-wise!

Pa­trick McCaf­ferty, email If Lister from the morn­ing’s kid­neys were re­moved be­fore he went to the spaces­ta­tion, how could the med­i­bot re­move them later on?!

Crom Arty, Face­book It’s good, but I miss the days when the se­ries was constantly rein­vent­ing it­self. Even if it wasn’t al­ways 100% suc­cess­ful it was al­ways do­ing the un­ex­pected. I’d love to see one of the regulars leave, or a new char­ac­ter join. Or re­think the for­mat – strand the crew on a planet for a sea­son and see how they cope. Sur­prise the view­ers!

Gaia Ametza, Face­book What with the time-play, comic ro­bots and the Lin­tilla de­vice in episode four it feels like the writ­ing’s been in­spired by The Hitch­hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – but that’s a good thing! SFX Yep, the ideas quo­tient has un­doubt­edly

Rim­mer: not past his sell-by date just yet.

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