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Supergirl’s first sea­son was about Kara find­ing her­self. What will her jour­ney in­volve this year? Sea­son one was kind of her com­ing out to party, and her fig­ur­ing out how she re­ally fit into the world. She built a solid base for her­self. But now it’s time to re­ally ma­ture, as a woman and as a hero; in her ca­reer, in her love life, and as a su­per­hero. Learn­ing how to jug­gle it all and find bal­ance. What can you tell us about the in­tro­duc­tion of Kara’s cousin Su­per­man?

I think the writ­ers have han­dled it beau­ti­fully. Re­gard­less of their sexes, they’re fam­ily, and that’s what’s im­por­tant – how they teach one an­other and the love be­tween them. They’re two sur­viv­ing mem­bers of a dy­ing race. That is beau­ti­ful to me. What’s it like in­spir­ing girls all over the world though Kara?

It think it’s es­sen­tial right now, and not just be­cause she’s a woman. But be­cause she stands for so much good. I think we re­ally need that in the world right now. It’s a scary place. For boys and girls, I hope that she in­spires hope and brav­ery and the will to never give up. Do you think Supergirl should re­main a bright show or should it be­come darker?

I think in­nately she has a dark story, and a re­ally trau­matic past. So there are el­e­ments of that in­side of her. But what I think is beau­ti­ful is the way she over­comes and the way she al­ways finds the sil­ver lin­ing.

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