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Di­rec­tor steven shain­berg Cast Noomi ra­pace, Michael Chik­lis, Kerry Bishé, les­ley Manville

Rup­ture marks the di­rec­to­rial re­turn of Steven Shain­berg, last seen 10 years ago with ter­ri­ble Diane Ar­bus biopic Fur, but best known for his bold 2002 spank-’em-up Sec­re­tary. As you’d ex­pect from an idio­syn­cratic in­die au­teur, it’s one weird-ass film — a sci-fi hostage hor­ror fu­elled by off-kil­ter mood and mys­tery.

The vic­tim is Re­nee (Noomi Ra­pace), an ev­ery­day mother kid­napped by a strange band of sci­en­tists. Ter­ri­fied, she’s taken to an un­der­ground bunker, where they at­tempt to ter­rify her even fur­ther – play­ing on her great­est fear, spi­ders. It’s here that Rup­ture is at its best – when build­ing a sense of creepi­ness and con­fu­sion. Who are these hammy weirdos? Why are they scar­ing peo­ple? And just what is “rup­tur­ing”? They’re in­trigu­ing ques­tions, asked via a sus­pense­ful, claus­tro­pho­bic hor­ror with spir­ited per­for­mances. It’s just a shame about the an­swers.

Does a poor des­ti­na­tion negate an en­joy­able jour­ney? In this case, yes; it doesn’t mat­ter if the flight was smooth if the plane crashes and burns upon land­ing. And that, sadly, is how dis­ap­point­ing the third act of Rup­ture is – a film nowhere near as clever or orig­i­nal as you’re led to be­lieve. Stephen Kelly

Dress-down mar­riage cer­e­monies: cool.

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