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Davos and Melisan­dre – are they fi­nally over?

It’s like a bad mar­riage, isn’t it? As we find the re­la­tion­ship [at the start of sea­son seven], they’ve been sep­a­rated and she’s been ex­iled. My big­gest dis­ap­point­ment is that I don’t get to work with [ac­tress] Carice van Houten any more – I mean, pos­si­bly. These HBO peo­ple have taken Carice off me, they’ve taken Stephen Dil­lane [Stan­nis Baratheon] off me, they’ve taken Kerry In­gram [Shireen Baratheon]. I dread to think who they’re go­ing to take next.

How do they make Davos’s fin­gers dis­ap­pear on the show?

In the book it’s his left hand that’s gone, but I’m left-handed, so I said, ‘can we make it my right hand?’ And they agreed, just in case I had to swing a sword or what­ever. But there are var­i­ous meth­ods. In sea­son four, at the Iron Bank of Braavos, when I had to show the bank man­ager what Stan­nis did to me, we used green [screen] fin­ger gloves, then they painted them out [in post-pro­duc­tion]. I’ve had a pros­thetic hand as well – it’s in my drawer at home. I lib­er­ated it from the set.

This is the penul­ti­mate se­ries, and there’s much talk of GOT spin-offs. Is a pre­quel a good idea?

We haven’t got any scripts yet but I know the ti­tle: Bet­ter Call Davos. And you can quote me on that.

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