CONLETH HILL You’re not the only mem­ber of your fam­ily in GOT…


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Where does Varys find him­self at the start of this sea­son?

Still on the boat, still stand­ing… He hasn’t got a seat the whole trip, and he didn’t get any duty-free. No, things pick up from where we left off. We ar­rive some­where… all of us… and start plan­ning.

We seem to be head­ing for an all-out con­fronta­tion this sea­son. Where do his loy­al­ties lie?

The realm’s al­ways been con­stant – the realm is the peo­ple. So he wants the best for the peo­ple. They will pros­per un­der just rule, I imag­ine. He cares about that.

Did you ever con­sider tak­ing the skull­cap route to bald­ness?

No, it was never an op­tion. I just think, un­der the lights and with all the flames, a skull­cap would have melted down my face. I’d have looked like some­thing from Boy Ge­orge’s Taboo. I usu­ally shave it about a month be­fore we start shoot­ing. But this year I was do­ing a film right up un­til just be­fore the Em­mys. So then I had two days in Los An­ge­les just to get [my newly shaved head] a bit browner. My brother Ro­nan does sound. He’s just won his third Emmy. So we’ve had to widen the doors for him. cer­tainly have some spec­tac­u­lar stuff planned, that’s for sure.”

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