The hu­man race gets a restart in Ex­tinct

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You know how in­vad­ing ETs, how­ever pow­er­ful, usu­ally get sent pack­ing by the hu­man race? New TV drama Ex­tinct takes place 400 years in a post‑ apoc­a­lyp­tic fu­ture, where an alien fac­tion has to res­ur­rect three Re­borns to restart hu­man civil­i­sa­tion. But the trio must over­come new dan­gers, un­cover se­cret agen­das and bat­tle the aliens that killed off hu­man­ity in the first place.

“This is a show about sec­ond chances,” ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Aaron John­ston tells Red Alert. “We find our­selves in the worst pos­si­ble cir­cum­stances. The hu­man race doesn’t ex­ist any­more. Ev­ery­thing that gives us joy, ev­ery­thing that de­fines us as hu­man be­ings, is gone. This isn’t a show that wal­lows in hu­man suf­fer­ing. This is a show about hope. This show is about find­ing re­demp­tion.”

On an un­usu­ally warm Thurs­day in Fe­bru­ary, a quick tour of Ex­tinct’s Utah set re­veals a rag­tag, de­serted set­tle­ment with graves lin­ing the grounds. Close by, a for­ti­fied court­yard and watch tow­ers stand tall.

“When th­ese peo­ple ini­tially get here, they have no idea what their ob­jec­tive is,” John­ston ex­plains. “They’re told their uber‑goal is to re­store the hu­man race. In some as­pect, that’s true. But, our prin­ci­pal vil­lains are th­ese par­a­sites, the Sk­in­rid­ers. When a Sk­in­rider dies, the crys­tal – which is the brain of the par­a­site and re­sides in the back of a per­son’s neck – is re­moved and it pre­serves all the mem­o­ries of the Sk­in­rider par­a­sites. The An­ces­tor is this enor­mous struc­ture that ex­ists in a cave, the mind of all the Sk­in­rid­ers, and the hu­mans’ ob­jec­tive is to de­stroy it be­cause it’s im­ped­ing the re­gen­er­a­tion of the hu­man race.”

John­ston says that flash­backs will pro­vide some back­ground in­for­ma­tion on the Re­borns. “We go back in time,” he ex­plains. “We learn who they were. We also learn that all of them are seek­ing some de­gree of re­demp­tion. There’s a pur­pose as to why th­ese peo­ple were re­born.”

Ex­tinct airs on BYUtv in the US from 1 Oc­to­ber.

When bat­tling hu­man an­ni­hi­la­tion, never be with­out a mouth mask.

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