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tr­ish “you know what your prob­lem is?” Jes­siCa Jones “sen­tences that start like that.” The De­fend­ers, 1.01 Cosima “Do you want to spend the morn­ing safe­guard­ing the ge­netic fu­ture of mankind, or do you wanna have brunch?” Or­phan Black, 5.08 Waverly “lis­ten, i can’t re­ally talk – i’m in a barn wired to ex­plode. also, i think i’m gay. Call you later?” Wynonna Earp, 2.11


“i want to reach into his stom­ach and pull out his in­testines. i want him to try to scream, but he can’t make a sound. and i won’t stop. and i want him to be in pain for­ever.” The Mist, 1.07


“my fun’s over once we ac­tu­ally kill some­one. it’s no fun tor­tur­ing a corpse.” Twin Peaks, 3.15

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