Michelle yeoh is philippa Geor­giou, cap­tain of the USS Shen­zhou

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What’s your char­ac­ter like?

She’s a vet­eran. She’s seen the hor­rors of war, but she has great hope for hu­man­ity. I think that was one of the rea­sons why Sarek put Burn­ham in her charge – be­cause Michael’s hu­man, she’s try­ing harder to be a Vul­can than any Vul­can. And there’s this amaz­ing cap­tain who any­body would fol­low the path of, who be­lieves that at the end of the day, it’s hu­man­ity and com­pas­sion that will win. that it is okay to feel – and in fact, it’s very im­por­tant to feel.

What’s her re­la­tion­ship with Burn­ham like?

She is her men­tor. It’s re­ally been a seven-year jour­ney be­tween those two, how they’ve learned to re­spect and love one an­other. It’s like best friends, or mother/ daugh­ter – a re­ally, re­ally solid re­la­tion­ship. So much so that she be­lieves that her first of­fi­cer is ready to have her own ship. I adore Sonequa. you know how some­times when you meet some­one you can feel that chem­istry right away? Straight off the block, we were just spin­ning around each other. It’s a love-fest! Peo­ple are go­ing to love Sonequa. She is truly not just amaz­ing as an ac­tress, but as a hu­man be­ing.

You have lots of ex­pe­ri­ence with ac­tion – do you get much here?

Oh yes! I thought I’d just sit in my chair and go, “eva­sive ma­noeu­vre!” But no, we had to bat­tle it out with the Klin­gons. that’s not fun be­cause they are re­ally huge. you have to de­vise ways of tak­ing them down. Now, it’s okay fight­ing a hu­man be­ing, but you can’t do that with a Klin­gon – I think one chop and your arm would go rolling away! So it was more of a dodgy kind of fight – get­ting the kicks in and beat­ing him up in very crafty ways. It was fun!

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