It’s time to jug­gle your san­ity in Call Of Cthulhu

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Most games come with a health me­ter: a nice, glow­ing red bar telling you when to drink a po­tion, pop a med pack or have a rest un­til it re­fills. Call Of Cthulhu, on the other hand, has a san­ity me­ter, as griz­zled 1920s pri­vate in­ves­ti­ga­tor Ed­ward Pierce makes his way to a man­sion to un­cover the se­crets be­hind the tragic death of a fam­ily. Spoil­ers: it’s not due to a leaky gas pipe.

Based on the pen-and-pa­per RPG of the same name, Call Of Cthulhu de­liv­ers at­mo­spheric Love­craftian mad­ness in spades as Pierce slowly un­folds the dark mys­tery of the in­tim­i­dat­ing house. There is no mon­ster bat­tling here; ev­ery­thing must be in­ves­ti­gated to piece to­gether the truth. Pierce’s di­a­logue op­tions ex­pand the more in­for­ma­tion he gleans, but that has a price. Head into the dark, and you might just lose your mind a lit­tle.

“You will have to trade it for in­for­ma­tion, but if you lose all your san­ity, of course, it’s game over,” ex­plains Max­i­m­il­ian Lutz, nar­ra­tive de­signer at de­vel­oper Cyanide Stu­dio. “So you will have to think about it and say, ‘Okay, I need this in­for­ma­tion, so I will trade my san­ity, but I have to be care­ful, be­cause if I face a mon­ster I will need it to es­cape.’” And there’s a truly mad­den­ing Catch-22...

Call Of Cthulhu is out on PS4, Xbox One and PC in De­cem­ber.

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