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Char­lie Brooker’s Trek trauma

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hough Char­lie Brooker isn’t a Trekkie, he did en­joy watch­ing the orig­i­nal se­ries as a child – and has one par­tic­u­larly strong mem­ory.

“I was ter­ri­fied of the scary face from ‘The Cor­bomite Ma­neu­ver’!” Brooker en­thuses. “You know, the alien that’s ac­tu­ally Clint Howard.”

He’s talk­ing, of course, about the bale­ful vis­age of Balok, seen when Kirk communicates with an alien ves­sel, which turns out to be just a creepy dummy.

“That face used to come up in the end ti­tles,” Brooker re­mem­bers, “And it was an im­age that ter­ri­fied me. I knew the scary face was go­ing to ap­pear, and there’s some­thing plea­sur­able about that when you’re a kid – you know you’re gonna be freaked out, but you de­lib­er­ately put your­self through it. So ev­ery time

Star Trek was on and that end mu­sic was play­ing, I was dar­ing my­self to con­tinue look­ing at the screen. Then some weeks it wasn’t that. It was just an alien women with green skin – that was dis­ap­point­ing, when you didn’t get the scary face that you didn’t want to see! Any­way… why did I bring all that up?!”

We’ll be send­ing Char­lie an in­voice for the ther­apy…

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