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there’s a book called Rant by Chuck Palah­niuk – he’s the guy who wrote Fight Club and I re­ally like his writ­ing. It’s just dis­turb­ing in so many dif­fer­ent ways. Rant is kind of an oral bi­og­ra­phy about this guy who’s quite hard to de­scribe be­cause there’s just so many el­e­ments to him. there’s this element of him where he leaves his home­town and goes to this kind of dystopia where the lower class are only al­lowed to come out at night and there’s cur­fews for day and night peo­ple. they do this thing called “Party Crash­ing” where they have these de­lib­er­ate car crashes and travel through time. It sounds quite com­pli­cated but it’s an in­cred­i­ble book. It’s very lay­ered in so many ways. It’s bril­liant.


I used to like Red Dwarf, I was re­ally into that. Just hav­ing that kind of set­ting for the comedy and those char­ac­ters, it’s just so weird and I loved that kind of throw­back to the old sci-fi pro­grammes through­out the ’70s where the sets and the props are all re­ally shit and stuff. I’ve al­ways had a fas­ci­na­tion with space travel and the plan­ets as well, so it was some­thing I’ve al­ways kind of re­mem­bered. It’s a very nos­tal­gic show.


So many. Stuff like Stranger Things I re­ally loved. It’s kind of the fu­ture re­ally with the stuff that’s hap­pen­ing. tV’s an ex­cit­ing place to be. I love film but you don’t re­ally get an op­por­tu­nity to carve out a real jour­ney with a char­ac­ter. tV al­lows you to do that through­out.

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