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After at­tempt­ing to get a Hell­boy 3 made for years, Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perl­man are out, but Stranger Things star David Har­bour is very much in as the de­mon with the big right hand for this fran­chise re­boot. With in­com­ing di­rec­tor Neil Marshall

(Dog Sol­diers, Game Of Thrones) promis­ing prac­ti­cal ef­fects over CGI, his film will also star Milla Jovovich as vil­lain the Blood Queen and Ian McShane as Hell­boy’s adop­tive father. Mean­while, writer An­drew Cosby has re­vealed this will be “a darker, more grue­some ver­sion of Hell­boy”. He adds: “We’ve been granted per­mis­sion to do it R-rated, which for me is just like tak­ing the cuffs off.”

Aqua­man is a Hell’s An­gel of the high tides. Tats and all.

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