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Bizarre Open­ing Ti­Tles ChOiCe

The short open­ing ti­tles are gen­er­ally naff, but the car­toon Lock­jaw – who looks like some­thing from God­zooky-era Han­naBar­bera – is heinous.

lO­Ca­TiOn lO­Ca­TiOn lO­Ca­TiOn

The Hawaii State Capi­tol build­ing was used for parts of At­ti­lan, the an­ces­tral home of the Inhumans.

iT’s WOsser­faCe!

Wasted in three episodes as Au­drey, Crystal’s hu­man boyfriend’s whinge­ing ex, is Liv Hew­son, who’s so much bet­ter in Santa Clarita Diet.

Ti­Tle TaT­Tle

All the episode ti­tles (ex­cept the pre­miere’s) are di­rectly lifted from comic book sto­ries that fea­tured the Inhumans.

WOrsT plOT­line

Kar­nak be­comes a ganja farmer. We’re not mak­ing this up! Ar­riv­ing on Earth after Max­imus’s revo­lu­tion, he spends three episodes help­ing some lowlives grow cannabis.

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