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The Seren­ity crew lick old war wounds in new Fire­fly pre­quel comic

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Pri­mar­ily set dur­ing the uni­fi­ca­tion War, Boom! Stu­dios’ new Fire­fly monthly takes the crew of Seren­ity back to their for­ma­tive days. Writ­ten by Greg Pak and drawn by Dan McDaid with cre­ator Joss Whe­don act­ing as a story con­sul­tant, the first is­sue opens just af­ter the tele­vi­sion se­ries left off be­fore hark­ing back through the years to chron­i­cle how Cap­tain Mal­colm Reynolds and his first mate Zoe Wash­burne ini­tially crossed in­ter­stel­lar paths

“Even more im­por­tant than that is what Mal and Zoe ac­tu­ally did dur­ing the war,” says Pak. “They have some shared se­crets that will be ex­posed dur­ing our se­ries, with huge ram­i­fi­ca­tions on all of the mem­bers of our cast. It’s a big, emo­tional story that plays out on mul­ti­ple sur­pris­ing lev­els and in­ter­twines with a ma­jor cri­sis in the present time.”

With Pak re­veal­ing that, “Seren­ity it­self is right there on page one of is­sue #1, in the mid­dle of a mas­sive cri­sis, as usual!”, all of the space­ship’s re­bel­lious per­son­nel will play a role in what un­folds. “You might see some other fa­mil­iar faces or set­tings here and there,” he teases. “But the real thrill of this se­ries is that we’re get­ting the green light to ex­pand the Fire­fly uni­verse by cre­at­ing brand new char­ac­ters with crit­i­cal links to the past and present. We’re also go­ing to new plan­ets with new sub­cul­tures that ex­plore dif­fer­ent as­pects of this amaz­ing world that Joss and his col­lab­o­ra­tors cre­ated for us.”

Stress­ing that “we’re telling a war story, in many re­spects,” McDaid in­sists that be­ing in a state of con­stant con­flict has a phys­i­cal toll on Mal and Zoe’s younger comic in­car­na­tions. “In some ways, they were older then, be­cause they were ex­posed to hor­ror on a daily ba­sis,” he rea­sons. “They’re tired, hun­gry and on the edge, so War Mal­colm is not quite the same man as Seren­ity Mal­colm.” SJ

Fire­fly’s comic run starts on 14 No­vem­ber.

Seren­ity looks beau­ti­ful in Dan McDaid’s sketchy style.

The new comic re­unites us with Mal, Zoe and co.

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