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Ares gives peace a chance in G Wil­low Wil­son’s first Won­der Woman arc

SFX - - Red Alert - Won­der Woman #58 is out on 14 No­vem­ber.

As the Greek god of war, Ares might not seem to have much in com­mon with won­der woman. but G wil­low wil­son, writ­ing her first sto­ry­line for the ama­zon war­rior since tak­ing over the ti­tle on is­sue #58, reck­ons the two im­mor­tal en­e­mies aren’t ac­tu­ally as poles apart as you might ini­tially be­lieve.

“he’s such an in­ter­est­ing foil and is kind of the Mo­ri­arty to her sher­lock holmes,” she tells red alert. “I thought it would be in­ter­est­ing to look at these two char­ac­ters who have sim­i­lar pow­ers but very dif­fer­ent mo­ti­va­tions. and also what would their dy­namic be if ares saw him­self as the good guy?’

drawn by cary nord, “the Just war” sees ares ap­par­ently em­brac­ing a more peace­ful ap­proach af­ter team­ing up with dark­seid’s daugh­ter Grail and es­cap­ing from their the­myscirian prison. “one of the big ques­tions of the arc is, ‘Is there such a thing as a just war?’ es­pe­cially in this day and age where all con­flicts are so com­plex, as there are so many dif­fer­ent sides and it’s very dif­fi­cult to fig­ure out what the cor­rect or just cause of ac­tion is in any given sce­nario,” ex­plains wil­son. “for me, it was a very easy way into not just the re­la­tion­ship and con­flict won­der woman and ares have had go­ing back to the be­gin­ning, but also these big­ger ques­tions like ‘is there such a thing as a just war or be­nign vi­o­lence?’ we’re look­ing at that through this high fan­tasy lens, and I have to say the re­sults are very ex­cit­ing!”

la isla bonita

with diana be­ing es­tranged from the­myscira of late, there have also been some sig­nif­i­cant changes to the myth­i­cal is­land king­dom. “we’ll see that play­ing out in our world in some un­ex­pected ways,” teases wil­son. “some other olympians and a few se­condary char­ac­ters from the olympian world will also show up in some sur­pris­ing and not al­ways wel­come ways.”

wil­son also claims that won­der woman isn’t that dif­fer­ent to Ms Mar­vel, whose ad­ven­tures she con­tin­ues to chron­i­cle. “on a mo­ral and eth­i­cal level, there are def­i­nite sim­i­lar­i­ties be­tween diana prince and ka­mala khan,” she rea­sons. “they both try not to lie, and it’s im­por­tant for them to do the right thing even when it puts them at a dis­ad­van­tage. If they were ever to meet, they’d get on re­ally well!” SJ

Won­der Woman stuck to a strict work­out regime.

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