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Squad goalS! SUI­CIDE SQUAD 2

James Gunn is jump­ing cin­e­matic uni­verses, from one bunch of A-holes to an­other... Fol­low­ing his un­cer­e­mo­ni­ous de­par­ture from the MCU the man who shaped the Guardians Of The Galaxy fran­chise is in talks to script and po­ten­tially di­rect the se­quel to 2016’s Sui­cide Squad. The Hol­ly­wood Re­porter claims it’s “a brand-new take on the DC prop­erty”, with Warner Bros grant­ing Gunn a “clean slate” to reimag­ine the black ops an­ti­heroes. Gavin O’Con­nor was pre­vi­ously at­tached as di­rec­tor, fol­low­ing David Ayer, but has now ex­ited the project, re­port­edly frus­trated that it was too close to DC’s Birds Of Prey movie, which will film first. No word on what Gunn’s rad­i­cal over­haul means for the es­tab­lished cast but one old pal has al­ready thrown his hat into the ring: “Where do I sign up?” tweeted Guardians leg­end Dave Bautista on hear­ing the news.


A flurry of cast­ing for this Blum­house re­boot of the ’70s TV clas­sic: Michael Pena (Ant-Man, Ex­tinc­tion) in­her­its Ri­cardo Mon­tal­ban’s role of the enig­matic Mr Roarke, disco-suited pro­pri­etor of the is­land par­adise where guests live out their wildest fan­tasies. Dave Bautista’s also on­board. No, he’s not an out­side­the-box re­place­ment for Hervé Vil­lechaize, ge­nius piece of lat­eral cast­ing though that would be. He’ll play a for­mer guest trapped on the is­land against his will and out to ex­pose the truth be­hind Roarke. Truth Or Dare’s Lucy Hale, mean­while, is in talks to play a char­ac­ter called Me­lanie. With a tone that’s said to be pitched be­tween West­world and Cabin In The Woods, Jeff Wad­low’s reimag­in­ing will fol­low a group of con­test win­ners who ar­rive on the is­land hop­ing to in­dulge their dreams, only to find them­selves in night­mare sce­nar­ios. No word on that Love Boat re­make ru­moured to re­veal the SS Pa­cific Princess is pow­ered by hu­man blood.

tell me about youR paR­entS… THE BAT­MAN

Still no word on who’ll be un­der the cowl in Matt Reeves’ take on the Dark Knight but the lat­est whis­pers from the Gotham al­ley­ways sug­gest Warner Bros love his first draft of the script and are eye­ing sum­mer 2019 as a po­ten­tial pro­duc­tion date. One thing’s cer­tain: the film will put the frac­tured Bat-psy­che on the couch. As Reeves tells IndieWire, “One of the things I’ve found in­ter­est­ing, just as we’re work­ing

on the story, is look­ing back at Jekyll and Hyde, and the idea of your shadow-self, and the idea of ‘we are all mul­ti­ple things…’ There are times when Bat­man’s the dis­guise, but there are times when his true essence comes out, be­cause by be­ing veiled a kind of in­stinc­tual side comes out that’s very pure. That’s what’s fun about his char­ac­ter, is that there’s a very bright light that shines on his shadow side. The idea of all of that is in­cred­i­bly ex­cit­ing.”

go­ing global! IN­DI­ANA JONES 5

Given his rep as a globe-trot­ting ad­ven­turer there was pre­cious lit­tle trot­ting of the globe in In­di­ana Jones And The King­dom Of The Crys­tal Skull. Pro­ducer Frank Mar­shall promises that the fifth Indy film will see that iconic red marker line stretch a lit­tle fur­ther across the at­las – and he’s look­ing to hon­our the orig­i­nal vi­sion of Ge­orge Lucas, who steps down as pro­ducer on this one. “He moved on,” Mar­shall tells Com­ing Soon. “We’re very re­spect­ful of the orig­i­nal in­ten­tions of the movie, cer­tainly Har­ri­son’s char­ac­ter. The se­ri­al­i­sa­tion of what the orig­i­nal in­ten­tion was. I’d love to have Ge­orge there. I love be­ing around Ge­orge and work­ing with him, ob­vi­ously. It’ll be a lit­tle dif­fer­ent, be­cause the ideas are com­ing from a dif­fer­ent place now.” A dif­fer­ent place? “I don’t know if you’d call it a writ­ers’ room, but a lot of peo­ple that we trust pitch ideas and things. Gather­ing info.” Top men, work­ing on it right now. Top men.

blue bliS­teR­ing Se­quelS! TINTIN 2

At this stage a se­quel to 2011’s The Ad­ven­tures Of Tintin: The Se­cret Of The Uni­corn seems as elu­sive a prospect as Red Rack­ham’s trea­sure. But Peter Jack­son – who pro­duced the Spiel­berg-helmed fran­chise launcher, and pledged to di­rect the sec­ond – in­sists there’s life in the ol’ mo­tion-cap­tured quiff yet. “I’m in­tend­ing to [make it],” he tells Poly­gon. “It’s within the next year or two, I would hope.” Jack­son re­veals that he’s yet to write the script – and is still torn as to which Tintin tale he’ll bring to the screen. “There’s no one that dic­tates what it has to be – I get to choose. So I want to make that choice care­fully be­cause I love the va­ri­ety, you know? You can go the In­di­ana Jones sort of Pris­on­ers Of The Sun, or you can go into The Cal­cu­lus Af­fair and be more of an East­ern Bloc thriller… There’s the moon ones where you can ex­plore the moon and space. There’s so many choices, and I couldn’t tell you to­day which way I’m go­ing.”

Peter Jack­son in­sists there’s life in Tintin’s quiff yet

back on the menu! WRONG TURN

Just how many wrong turns do you need to take be­fore you in­vest in a de­cent Sat-Nav? We may be about to find out. Spawned in 2003, the Wrong Turn hor­ror fran­chise has milked its in­bred­can­ni­bals-lurk­ing-in-the­back­woods schtick across no less than six movies, most re­cently 2014’s op­ti­misti­cally ti­tled Wrong Turn 6: Last Re­sort. Now it’s set for a re­boot, with a script from cre­ator Alan McEl­roy. This up­dated take is pitched as “a timely and top­i­cal med­i­ta­tion on so­ci­ety and its is­sues” – served off the bone, no doubt – where a cross-coun­try hik­ing ex­pe­di­tion places a bunch of friends in “the land of an in­clu­sive so­ci­ety, where they soon dis­cover they are un­der a dif­fer­ent rule of law, and may not be the vic­tims they thought they were.” So, Twit­ter with added liv­er­munch­ing, then. Mike P Nel­son (The Do­mes­tics, Stu­dio Luma) di­rects. “Alan’s re-in­ter­pre­ta­tion of his own work and Mike’s vi­sion are a fright­en­ing re­flec­tion of our world to­day,” says pro­ducer Robert Kulzer. “One per­son’s Amer­i­can dream is an­other’s worst night­mare.”

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